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About the Altru Health Foundation

Altru Health Foundation is the charitable organization that supports local, nonprofit patient care. We believe having access to high quality health care is vital to keeping communities strong.

That’s why it’s our mission to provide donors the opportunity to give back to patients in need.

Whether it’s an Angel Bear given to parents who’ve recently lost their baby, a gas gift card to a patient travelling in from the region for cancer care, or a new wheelchair for a child who has outgrown their old one before insurance would cover it—there are endless ways for you to lift up others in the community.

A Nonprofit, Community-Owned Hospital

Altru Health System is a nonprofit, community-owned health system located in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Altru reinvests all available revenues into patient care programs, equipment, facilities and medical staff. We are governed by a local board of directors who serve without pay and are most interested in putting patients before profits and community needs before returns.

Why Support Altru?

  • $20 million – Each year, Altru gives over $20 million in free, unreimbursed health care to underinsured and uninsured patients.
  • $350,000 – Since the creation of the fund, over $350,000 in assistance has been given to patients undergoing cancer treatments through the Filling the Gap program.
  • 800 – Typically the number of new patients diagnosed with cancer each year at Altru.
  • 200 – The number of Angel Bears given each year to parents who experienced the tragic loss of a child due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or newborn death.
  • 100% of your gift goes directly to the patient care services of your choice. The Foundation does not use any part of your gift for administrative expenses.
  • 1 – It only takes one person to make a difference in the lives of our patients through a gift to Altru Health Foundation.


Improving Health, Enriching Life

Why we serve:
To support Altru Health System in fulfilling its mission of achieving optimum health for all residents in our region through the funding of technology, facilities, medical education and health care for those in need.

How we serve:
By educating, encouraging, receiving and administering individuals' and organizations' gifts and responsibly distributing charitable contributions to Altru patient care programs and services.

Whom we serve:
Any individual or organization who shares a connection with Altru Health System and a concern for quality health care.

Who we are:
An essential subsidiary 501(c)(3) corporation with its own board of directors responsible to our donors and the Altru Health System Board of Directors.

Fund Management

Altru Health Foundation has the privilege of being the liaison between donors and patient care needs. 100% of your gift goes directly to the patient care services of your choice. The Foundation does not use any part of your gift for administrative expenses.


Jon Green
Executive Director

Randy Schoenborn
Client Development Director

Diane Blair
Grant Program Director

Alex Colestock
Client Communications Director
Sara Bernhardt
Administrative Assistant

Board Of Directors

Gregg Halverson
CEO Black Gold
Potato Farms

David Kvidt
Vice Chairperson
Chief Financial Officer
Lunseth Plumbing &
Heating Co.

Sandy Dittus
Zimney Foster P.C.
Attorneys at Law

Monica Musich
Honorary Chairperson 
 VALDAK Corporation

Amanda Bentow

Bill Haug
Branch Manager &
VP Investments
Stifel Nicolaus

Keith Lund
Vice President
Grand Forks Region
Economic Development Corporation

Skip Greenberg
Greenberg Realty

Bill Widman
C.L. Linfoot Company Constultant

Karen Thingelstad
Vice President and CFO
Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc.

Andrea Lays, M.D.
Altru Health System


Eric Lunn, MD
Altru Health System

Dave Molmen
Altru Health System

Jon Green
Executive Director
Altru Health Foundation

Friends of the Foundation

Friends of the Foundation: Stories of Support

Friends of the Foundation is a series of stories shared by the supporters of Altru Health Foundation. Whether through monetary gifts, giving of their time or sharing their talents, our donors help us provide outstanding programs, technology and education for Altru patients and their families. Altru Health Foundation thanks these generous individuals for their passion and commitment to high quality, nonprofit health care.

Wendy Juntunen is a Friend of the Foundation

During six and a half weeks of breast cancer treatment, Wendy Juntunen made the drive from Rolla to Grand Forks five days a week. That's over 1,500 miles each week. Thankfully, Wendy received support from Filling the Gap, one of the patient assistance programs offered at Altru Cancer Center.

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