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Published on March 10, 2014

Altru Set to Open Altru Specialty Center 

Grand Forks, ND – Altru has entered its final weeks of preparation to open the rest of Altru Specialty Center. The new hospital will feature four operating rooms and 45 private beds dedicated to elective orthopedic and podiatry surgeries, Joint Replacement Center, and inpatient rehabilitation. The media and public are invited to join in previewing the new space on Tuesday, March 11, from 5 – 7 p.m. A short program and ribbon cutting will be held at 5:30 p.m. (4500 South Washington Street, West Entrance). 

“This is a remarkable time in our history. The last time a hospital opened in Grand Forks was the completion of The United Hospital (now Altru Hospital) on Columbia Road in 1976,” said Brad Wehe, Altru Chief Operating Officer. “Now, we are celebrating the opening of the region’s premier facility dedicated to orthopedic surgeries as well as inpatient rehabilitation services with all related services on site.” 

“Rehabilitative services and orthopedic care have had a rich history in this community. Now, we’ve brought them all together in an unparalleled way to serve patients in one dedicated facility specially designed to meet their specific needs,” stated Jeremy Gardner, MD, surgeon and section chief with Altru’s Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.  

Altru Specialty Center Services

Altru Specialty Center features four operating rooms and 22 patient rooms dedicated to Joint Replacement Center and elective orthopedic procedures, including arthroscopic surgery and podiatry services. As a leader in knee and hip replacement the Center’s goal is to get patients back to their active routines as quickly as possible. Key benefits of the program include:

  • Reduced length of hospital stay
  • Modern techniques in pain control
  • Dedicated physical and occupational therapists working solely with joint replacement patients
  • Designated as a Blue Distinction Center+® for Knee and Hip Replacement by Blue Cross Blue Shield Administration 

The second floor is home to Altru’s inpatient rehabilitation services. It features 23 spacious patient rooms, a dedicated cafeteria and family day room. Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), Altru’s inpatient rehabilitation has the goal of maximizing or restoring a functional level of independence for discharge to a community setting (home, assisted living or basic care). 

Six beds dedicated to Altru’s Sleep Center, along with several radiology services are also available in Altru Specialty Center. 

History of South Washington Medical Park

Fueled by unprecedented growth with Altru’s physician group, Altru acquired a clinic, hospital, imaging center, and strip mall which now make up South Washington Medical Park. This acquisition enabled Altru to accommodate physician growth and offer expanded access to services at new locations. It has also enabled the conversion of Altru Hospital to all private rooms (expected completion in summer 2014). 

“Our goal is to provide the best access to care for patients,” said Wehe. “Our growth on South Washington Street has helped us to ensure that care remains immediately available for our patients.” 

Since the acquisition in 2012, Altru strategically aligned services for each location. Altru Professional Center’s patient care services include laboratory, gastroenterology, endoscopy center, family medicine and interventional pain management. Future plans call for orthopedic and physical medicine to grow into the remaining spaces of this facility. As previously stated, Altru Specialty Center is also home to the Sleep Center and several imaging services. 

Adjacent to the hospital and clinic is Yorhom Medical Essentials (formerly Altru Home Services). This location is headquarters to services designed to help patients remain independent at home, including infusion therapy, medical equipment, vehicle and home modification, respiratory therapy and rehab technology. Altru’s Hearing Center also has a second location at Yorhom Medical Essentials.