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Published on August 05, 2015

Altru Health System and Pembina County Memorial Hospital Collaboration

With a mutual goal of community health, Pembina County Memorial Hospital (PCMH) and Altru Health System have joined in discussions to provide ambulatory healthcare services in Cavalier and the surrounding region. This effort combines clinic services currently provided by PCMH and Altru, and will strive to extend these services based on patient needs.

While details of the collaboration are being defined, the governing boards of both organizations have committed to exploring a collaborative relationship for consolidation of clinic services. Above all, both Altru and PCMH are guided by the best interests of patients in all efforts and decisions. Even more, our employees are our highest value. Both organizations will seek to retain current staff.

This collaboration further creates an integrated care experience for patients that eliminates barriers and promotes high quality and service. It will eliminate present and future duplication of services and ensure that all medical services are more effectively delivered locally. Family medicine will be offered through CliniCare operated by PCMH, while Altru continues to offer access to advanced Altru specialists in Cavalier as well as telemedicine whenever appropriate.

With the integration of services, care will not be interrupted. Patients may continue to be seen by their primary care provider and Altru specialists with whom they have developed relationships.

As additional details are available, we will keep you informed. Together, we look forward to extending this collaboration for Cavalier and the surrounding communities.

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