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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am having a difficult time applying online. Could I get a paper application?

All of our applications must be submitted online since we no longer have paper applications. If you are having problems applying, please disable the pop-up blocker on your computer to allow the application to open onto a new screen.

Q. How long will it take before I hear anything?

We try to notify applicants as soon as possible; however, it may take up to three weeks. If you are selected for an interview, you will receive a phone call to schedule the interview. If you are not selected for an interview, you will receive an email from the recruiter. Please check your spam folder if you have not heard anything.

Q. Who may I call at Altru for information on my application?

You may call 701.780.5107 and the voice response system will help direct your call to the appropriate recruiter, depending on the position for which you are applying.

Q. A position I am applying for is listed for both days and evenings.  I only want to work days – can I still apply?

You can always apply for positions; however, your application may be screened out if you are unable to work the required shifts listed for position.

Q. How long are applications kept on file?

Once the position has been filled, your application is inactive.

Q. Why do I have to submit separate applications for different positions that I apply for?

Different applications may go to different hiring managers for review. In addition, since the skills required may be different for separate jobs, you should have the opportunity to expand on your specific skills for each job. 

Q. How often are job openings updated on the website?

The website is updated daily. Positions are posted for a minimum of three days.

Q. What is the closing date for positions?

There are no closing dates established. It is up to each individual manager as to when the position closes.  It will always be posted for a minimum of three days.

Q. Can I email my resume to human resources?

Yes, you can email your resume; however, we prefer that you cut and paste your resume into section of the online application to ensure the hiring manager sees your resume. When you copy and paste, the format will look jumbled on your end but looks fine for the recruiter and manager.

Q. Should I include a cover letter with my application?

It is not required, yet depending on the position for which you are applying, a cover letter provides another opportunity to present yourself.

Q. What is flex-time?

Flex-time staff cover shifts due to vacations, sick calls and in times of high census. Flex-time staff are paid a 15 percent differential in lieu of benefits. Although there are no guarantee of hours, flex staff are required to work two shifts in a scheduling period, as well as holiday rotation if needed.

Q. Can I work at Altru for the summer or just for a couple of months?

Most of our positions are permanent. If we do have a temporary or seasonal position, it will be clearly listed on the job description. 

Q. If I am hired into a position, can I transfer to a different Altru position when another opens?

Altru’s policy is that you stay in your hired position for one year before you are eligible to transfer to a different department or change hours.