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Nursing Education

Nursing EducationAltru is committed to the professional growth and development of its health care providers. In 1996, Altru developed its Mentor Program specifically for nurses.

The Mentor Program supports Altru Health System's mission, vision and values by providing an enhanced learning environment that promotes growth and development through collaborative efforts of the entire team. 

Learn more and register for the 17th Annual Healthcare Horizons.

Mentor Program


The mentor/mentee relationship is complex and interactive where strategies for accomplishing short and long term goals are established in an environment that shares enthusiasm for success while allowing the mentee to gain personal satisfaction and empowerment.


The program strives toward the accomplishment of:

  • Increasing the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of orientation.
  • Providing a smooth transition into Altru Health System.
  • Providing mentors with professional development opportunities.
  • Enhancing the culture of acceptance, nurturing and development of graduate and new nurses.
  • Increasing self-confidence/achievement, facilitating independence.
  • Creating a sense of belonging.
  • Providing resources in clinical areas.

Theoretical Framework

Based on Patricia Benner’s Novice to Expert theory, the Mentor Program helps alleviate the apprehension or “reality shock” that comes with starting a new job. From the beginning of the relationship nurses have a mentor to turn to; mentors are gifted resources.

The extent of a new employee's orientation depends on his or her needs and level of experience; it is tailored to meet the needs of the new nurse.

For example, a recent graduate with no experience could receive 12 weeks of orientation on the unit where he or she was hired. For someone with experience on the floor he or she will be working on, the orientation is adjusted as needed.

Consistency is key to the program's success. The new employee has a mentor they work with throughout orientation. This creates:

  • a sense of stability
  • improved confidence
  • a long-lasting relationship
  • mutual goal-setting

Support sessions are held where the mentors and mentees can network and share experiences amongst peers.

Healthcare Horizons

Healthcare Horizons is an annual health care conference facilitated by Altru Health System. The conference is held every fall at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, ND.


The goal of this conference is to strengthen the participant's ability to meet the challenges of everyday work by increasing knowledge of various clinical topics while providing professional development opportunities.


We welcome registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, medical assistants, respiratory therapists, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, health care students and professionals.

What We Offer

We encourage and support the continuing growth and development of Altru employees through educational programs. Eligibility is based on the employees' status, performance, length of service, as well as receiving no other Altru Health System scholarships.

Academic Credit

Benefited employees (scheduled for 1040+ yearly hours and have completed their entry probationary period of six calendar months of continuous service) are eligible for tuition assistance. This applies to courses offered for academic credit by an accredited institution. The courses must have direct application for an employable position in the organization.


Some employees have the opportunity to credential in their special area of practice. Credentialing is continuing beyond basic education, licensure or registration. In these situations, only the fee for the initial certification exams will be reimbursed following proof of successful test completion.


Several nursing scholarships are available through Altru’s Learning and Organizational Development department. Please call 780.5195 for more information about scholarships.

Additional Course Offerings

From critical care orientation to advanced cardiac life support (ALCS), Altru continually offers classes to health care professionals. See the complete listing of upcoming courses.