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About 30 Days Of Running

#30DaysofRunning was inspired by a social movement based out of Minneapolis, Minn.: The biggest difference is that this one uses your feet, rather than two wheels. Make a healthy lifestyle change. #30DaysofRunning works for all levels. Join our running family and support each other on our journey to healthier living using our own two feet.  Read on for why a few of us run and then commit to run with us in June.

Why We Run

DeAnn Burckhard
Mother of Two | Running Addict | Challenge-Seeker

13.1 miles. I never thought I could do a half-marathon until my friend challenged me. A few short months later there I was, shoes double-knotted, race bib pinned and ready to cross the starting line. After a few hiccups including an unexpected last mile hill, I charged the finish line and came in under my goal with a time of 2:12:51. Looking back, it was only two short years ago that I made the commitment to live a healthier lifestyle. Running became part of my habit. Each time I try to push myself a little further. It didn’t take long before I fell in love with the way my feet hit the ground and I was hooked. At first it wasn’t easy, but after a month I reached my goal: I ran 30 minutes without stopping. And now, I can say I’ve got a half marathon under my belt and am looking forward to more races and many more miles this year. I no longer look at running as effort. Of course some runs are better than others. Every time I feel an overwhelming sense of pride when I’m done; the distance never matters.  My daughters, while only three and five years old, watch me get ready to run and encourage me to do more. Even better, we are planning our first family run this fall during first night of the Wild Hog ½ Marathon Weekend. They’ve started counting down the days. For me, running is a challenge where I’m my biggest competitor. Running clears the mind. Running is freedom to go distances only I can stop myself from going. All it takes is one step in front of the other. Run with me. Join the movement.  Be part of #30DaysofRunning.


Annie Berge
Grand Forks Native | Dog Mom | Workin' on a 10k

Do you realize how far 5 miles is? It is SO FAR. Like, get dropped off downtown, run to 40th Ave South, need to keep running because I’m still at 3.75 miles, far. But, do you know how great it feels to have literally run across town? It feels….A-mazing. Last year during 30 Days of Running, my goal was a 5k (which I accomplished). At the time, 3 miles seemed SO FAR. Now it’s my minimum. I’m not sure if doubling my goal will be an annual trend (I don’t really think I’m made for marathons) but I can tell you that I will keep running. I am hooked. At the gym, I head for the treadmill. When the sun comes out, see ya on the Greenway. I may not go very far, but I will keep running. This is what #30DaysofRunning is really all about. Get up, get moving and keep going. We will be here to encourage you along the way. Last year those who shared their running journey with us pushed me just a little farther down the path. I know the same will be true this year, and I cannot wait. Let’s run friends!


Angie Laxdal
Wife & Mom | Writer | Wanna-be Runner

As a wife, mom and full-time public relations professional, the to-do list continually grows. Unless it's a planned priority, exercise naturally falls to the bottom. In 2014, that changed, thanks to friendly encouragement and family support. Gym time is an almost-daily occurrence now, and it's helping me shed a few pounds, melt away stress and remember what matters most in life.

While the elliptical is my favorite standby, next on my list is to run a 5k. Half an hour of solid running still seems near impossible, but then again, most things worth pursuing start out a little scary. Hard work works, and I plan to take it one step at a time. I always thought it sounded fun to be the kind of person who rolls out of bed and goes for a quick Saturday morning run. #30DaysofRunning will help make that small dream a reality.


Nicole Benson
Mother of Two | Coach's Wife | Greenway Goddess

I had my 2nd child, a sweet little girl, just 4 months ago. Getting back into the swing of things in preparation for my first full marathon and making time for me again that is what #30DaysofRunning will to do for me.

I was not always a runner; I didn't start running until shortly after my son was born, just 12 years ago.  Running allowed me to make time for myself and just breathe.  My son went from me pushing him in a running stroller, to biking next to me, then running beside me. As of today, we have completed 3 5K's together and I have completed 6 half-marathons and started training for my first full.  Running has not only been a way for me to feel strong physically, but also mentally and emotionally.  Becoming a "runner" was a gradual process-something I needed to do not only for myself, but for my kiddos and family. Running gives me the energy, pride, and the clarity I need to be a caring mother and wife. Last Friday, I was overjoyed to run the Fargo Marathon 5K with my son striding alongside me and my baby girl in the stroller. I am hoping there are many more races in our future and running races with my children becomes a tradition and an activity we can continue to do together. I know running has reinforced important values in me and I am hoping it will do the same for my 2 children and that no matter their personal finish line they know hard work and perseverance will get them there. 


Rachel Hellyer
Mother/Wife | Foodie | Running Evangelist

Steve Prefontaine – “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”

This running legend summarizes how I feel about running. Running has become a gift that I can give myself daily – a healthy happy hour, I call it! My husband and kids would attest: if I am in a bad mood, it is probably because I have not had a run yet. It is amazing what a couple miles on the Greenway, bike trails, or trails at Turtle River State Park do for my mental health!

I love to run & socialize with others…I adore the friends I have made through our local running club, the Red River Runners. Almost any pace is fine with me! I started running in my mid-20s to lose some weight acquired from having a baby and four years of studying Accounting at UND. When I take on a new challenge, I am “all in”…within the first year of running, I had done a couple half marathons. Now, since the summer of 2011, I am proud to say I have done five marathons, two of them being the Boston Marathon.

Confession: I also run to eat…anyone who knows me knows I love food and am willing to try almost anything. I do love eating healthy foods, but cannot pass up a good cheesecake or dish of ice cream. And, is there anything better than a post-run beer with running friends?

The Wild Hog Half Marathon and Dewey Duathlon are two events I help plan. These are great ways I can give back to a sport that has made such a big difference in my life. I am excited to share my passion for running with others during #30DaysofRunning!

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