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Ready to Quit Smoking? Enlist Help from a Tobacco Cessation Specialist at Altru

Are you or a family member feeling the urge to snuff out that butt for the very last time? A certified tobacco cessation specialist may be the ticket to a smoke-free life. Amanda Dudgeon, NP and certified tobacco treatment specialist at Altru, shares real questions, real answers about quitting tobacco for good. Read more>>

Staying On Course: Tips for Golfing with Joint Pain

Many golfers are playing with pain, such as tendinitis, sore muscles and arthritis. Swinging a golf club requires moving at a very high speed in a short amount of time, increasing the risk of injury. We called on Dr. Jeremy Gardner of Altru’s Orthopedics to teach us where golfers are feeling the pain and how you can prevent it. Read more>>

Real. Good. Vegetables. | Tips for Sneaking Them in at Every Meal

Remember when you were young and your mom told you to eat your vegetables? She was actually onto something. Vegetables can be viewed as nature’s multivitamin. Common nutrients include fiber, folate, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and iron. Read more>>

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