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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Following a heart attack, stroke or cardiothoracic surgery, you may require a period of cardiac rehabilitation to help strengthen your heart. Our cardiac rehabilitation program offers a mix of exercise, education and risk factor modification. The goal of the program is to help each individual  gradually achieve the highest cardiovascular fitness possible. 

For more information, contact Altru's Cardiac Rehabilitation Department at 701.780.1528.

Treatment (Inpatient)

Your rehabilitation will consist of three specific phases.

Phase I begins when you are hospitalized and recovering from a heart attack, open-heart surgery and/or other heart disease. You will receive individual and group counseling on nutrition, exercise, stress, risk factors and medications. Social and spiritual services are offered through our comprehensive approach to recovery.

 Monitoring (Outpatient)

Phase II usually begins soon after leaving the hospital. Participation requires a physician referral. Exercise and education sessions are scheduled two to three times per week. They last eight to twelve weeks, depending on individual patient needs and progress. Heart rate, blood pressure and exercise tolerance will be closely monitored. You will be given a personalized home exercise plan. Individualized risk reduction is key to recovery. 

Education classes are held every Monday, 12 to 1 p.m. in the Cardiac Rehab Education Room. Topics are nutrition (presented by a registered dietitian) and stress, relaxation and energy conservation (presented by an occupational therapist).

Lifestyle Change with Exercise

Phase III is an ongoing exercise program designed to help you continue your lifestyle changes. Phase III is an independent program held at Altru's Medical Fitness Center. You will continue to have access to members of the cardiac rehabilitation team. Here you can exercise, socialize, and continue to build a strong support group.