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Nutrition Therapy

A registered dietitian is your source of sound nutrition advice and reliable quality nutrition education.  A registered dietitian can help separate facts from fads to create a safe and easy nutrition plan that works for you. 

Whether you are interested in general information or trying to improve a deficiency, disorder, or your weight, a visit with a registered dietician is beneficial.

Sessions may include:

  • Assessment of nutritional needs
  • Meal planning tips and suggestions
  • Explanation of label reading
  • Suggestions for cooking techniques and grocery shopping
  • Dining out tips

For more information, please call 701.732.7620.

See the complete list of services our dietitians provide.

Insurance Coverage

Many insurance plans cover medical nutrition therapy visits with a diagnosis of diabetes, elevated cholesterol or kidney disease.  Some insurance policies provide coverage for one dietitian visit per year related to obesity.  Please check with your individual insurance company regarding your policy and services covered.

Metabolic Testing

Metabolic testing is a new outpatient service offered through Altru Health System that can actually test your metabolism by measuring your breathing for just 10 minutes.  This helps to indicate the amount of energy (or calories) you are burning. The results from metabolic testing can be helpful for people who are trying to lose or maintain weight or for athletes who want to lose weight without losing wanted muscle mass.

The fee for metabolic testing, which includes an explanation of your individualized results is $45.

For more information, please call 701.732.7620.

Grocery Store Tours

Establishing proper nutrition is vital to our health, and healthy eating starts with healthy food shopping. While it can be overwhelming to make healthy choices among all the options, Altru's registered dieticians are here to help you navigate the supermarket.

A grocery store tour, led by an Altru dietitian, offers

  • Cutting edge nutrition advice and smart grocery shopping tips.
  • Advice on the best foods to stock in the pantry, refrigerator and freezer
  • Instruction on how to correctly read nutrition labels and avoid marketing traps

The cost is $40 for a one hour group session and $60 for an individual session.

To learn more or to register, call 701.732.7620.


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