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Wellness and Weight Management

The ultimate goal is to stay well and maintain a healthy weight. The wellness & weight management track offers tools, support and education to help you stay successful long term.

Program Includes:

Phase 1 - Active Weight Loss
Group sessions over 12 weeks alternate between a dietitian and a health & wellness specialist. Classes focus on lifestyle change to support weight loss and long term management.

Phase 2 - Transition
During the next 12 weeks, you may continue to participate in the lifestyle change classes. you will also have three individual follow-up appointments with a dietitian and a health & wellness specialist.
Nutrition and Fitness Tracking
Keep track of your progress with an online tracking tool monitored by a dietitian and a health & wellness specialist. Enrollment in the tracking tool is included in all phases of the program.

Gym Membership
Program participants receive an individual adult membership at Choice Health & Fitness or Altru Family YMCA  during Phase 1 of the program. Current members will not incur this fee.

Additional Offerings:

Phase 3 - Maintenance
Lifetime membership is strongly recommended for Wellness & Weight Management participants. This phase offers continued access to weekly weigh-in support, as well as the lifestyle change classes.

Customized Plans

Altru's Weight Management Program encourages participation in group sessions. If you are unable to fully participate in group sessions, or are interested in private or semi-private sessions, please discuss these options with the Weight Management Program Coordinator.

To start your journey, contact the Weight Management Program Coordinator at 701.780.6729 or