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Heart Health Tips from Altru's Heart and Vascular Providers  

Your heart is always on our mind. As your health partner, our goal is to help you lead a heart-healthy, enjoyable life. We talked to several heart and vascular providers at Altru to see what habits they personally incorporate into their lives. Learn how these providers manage stress, work fitness into their everyday, eat the rainbow and more >>   

A Pain in the Head | The Location of Your Headache Can Help Treat It  

Any headache is a bad headache, but a slight adjustment may fix it. With Over 150 different kinds of headaches known, these annoyances have numerous ways to interrupt your day and make it difficult or nearly impossible to concentrate. 

“Tension headaches are the most common we see, as people sit for longer periods and carry stress in their upper shoulders and neck,” says Jordan McIntyre, DC, chiropractor with Altru Health System. Read more >> 

Maximize Your Nutrition This Winter - Shop Frozen  

When writing your grocery list, don’t overlook the freezer section. There are many tasty options that are both nutritious and affordable for every season. From produce to frozen entrees, the freezer section offers many opportunities for healthy eating. Follow these guidelines to choose wisely >>

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