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Move For Life: Here's How You Can Stay Active

Looking for the fountain of youth? Exercising daily is one of the most effective ways to help your body stay healthy and agile.

The benefits of physical activity are abundant and include everything from improved mood to more restful sleep. Read more >>

6 Grilling Tips for a Safe and Savory Sizzle

There’s nothing quite like the smell of meat and veggies as they brown and sizzle on the grill. Make sure your family stays safe and healthy while enjoying freshly grilled grub with these tips >>

Give Yourself A Break: Tips For Preventing Blood Clots While Traveling

Are you traveling on a long trip or sitting for an extended period of time? Remember to take five, and give yourself a break at least once per hour. Here are some basics on deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and information about what you can do to prevent blood clots.

Sleep Well, Be Well

Altru's Sleep Center Now that summer is here, we’re all busier it seems. We’re staying up later enjoying outdoor activities, going on vacations and heading to the lake on the weekends. It can be hard to get the proper amount of sleep needed to stay healthy and feel good. Remember you must sleep well to be well. Read more >>

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