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A Fine Line: Ensure That Your Exercise Routine Isn't Harming Your Heart

Is your elevated heartbeat a product of vigorous physical activity or a warning sign of something more serious?

“An elevated heart rate is a physiologic response to increased activity, but alone it is not a specific warning sign. For patients with cardiovascular risk factors, the most important thing to know about exercising is when to stop," shares Jason Go, MD with Altru's Heart and Vascular Services. Read more >>

Tips for Safeguarding Your Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets tend to be proverbial dumping grounds for old, unused and long forgotten medications. As parents, friends and family members, we’re consistently reminded to keep our medications out of sight and reach. However, this step is mainly meant to keep small children safe. In reality, young children are in danger of unintentional poisoning, but are not the only ones in danger – adolescents and adults are also at risk if they have access to unsupervised medicine cabinets. Read more >>

Avoid Wasted Calories With These Healthy Cooking Methods

Consider this - each tablespoon of oil you use when frying adds more than 100 calories. To put it in perspective, adults should target fat calories within 20 to 35 percent of their total daily calories. For a 1,500 calorie diet, that means no more than 525 calories from fat a day (58 grams). Switch to roasting and you not only eliminate added fat, but also allow any fat in the food to drip away. Read more >>

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