Community Health

Altru has engaged multiple partners to conduct our Community Health Assessments, which provide information on health issues, status, and needs and identify areas for improvement. The purpose of the assessments has been to “Improve the overall health of the community by focusing on factors that promote health and wellness (versus treating disease).” The Community Health Assessment is a joint effort led by Altru Health System and the Grand Forks Public Health Department. Our two organizations have a history of collaboration to improve community health.

2019 Community Health Survey

The 2019 Community Health Survey, a comprehensive collection of data regarding health issues, available services and opportunities for action in our communities is open now and available until October 16, 2019.

This survey, part of the Community Health Assessment, will identify health issues of concern and provide critical information to those in a position to make an impact on the health of our region including governments, social and human service agencies, businesses, healthcare providers, and other entities as well as consumers.

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Past Reports

The reports included here will be used by healthcare providers, public health officials, policy makers, area organizations, community groups and individuals who are interested in improving the health status of the community. The results of our data analysis, focus groups and surveys enable organizations to strategically establish areas of focus, develop intervention, and commit resources.