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Moving Parts

As Altru continues to work building a better tomorrow for our community and region, a lot of moving parts need to happen before our first patient occupies our new hospital in early 2025. These moving parts include remodeling of existing buildings and relocations of departments from the current hospital to clinic space. We appreciate your patience as we work to create a 5-star patient experience for each person.

Below is a list of some of the moves that may impact patients. Departments will call patients will appointments and let them know ahead of time if they are to check in someplace different.

If you would like GPS directions to one of our locations, check out our locations page.

HERO Program

  • Current location: 1300 Building
  • Temporary location: The former Credit Union space between the 1300 building and the current hospital
  • Final Location: New hospital
  • Timeline: The timing is still uncertain when the HERO Program will move to its temporary location, but once it moves, it will remain in the former credit union location until the opening of the new hospital.

Outpatient Behavioral Health

  • Current location: 860 Building
  • Temporary location: Administrative space next to the Retail Pharmacy in the current hospital while remodeling is going on in the 860 building
  • Final location: 860 Building - Partnership with UHS
  • Timeline: Will begin operating out of the administrative space on Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Occupational Health

  • Current location: 860 Building
  • Temporary location: Temporary trailer that will be located next to the 860 Building
  • Final location: Lower level of Family Medicine Center
  • Timeline: Timeline is uncertain right now, but we expect these team members will be operating out of the trailer beginning Q1 2024.

Ultrasound & Echo

  • Current location: Altru 1300 Columbia, main floor
  • Temporary location (moved early October 2023): Altru Hospital, main floor
  • Final Location by late 2024 or early 2025: Altru 1300 Columbia, Ultrasound on main floor and Echo on 3rd floor

Device Clinic

  • Current location: Altru Columbia 1300, main floor
  • Temporary location (moved early October 2023): Altru Columbia 1300, 3rd floor
  • Final location by early 2025: Altru Columbia 1300, a different area of 3rd floor


  • Current location: Altru Columbia 1300, Patient care/draw room for Research on main level
  • Final location (moved early October 2023): Altru Family Medicine Center, lower level

Stay tuned for more MOVING PARTS updates!