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Altru Alliance

The Altru Alliance works in partnership with Altru Health System to provide services to patients and families, fund supportive activities and promote the health and welfare of the community. As of 2022, the Altru Alliance has contributed over $4 million to Altru departments and community non-profits.

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The Altru Alliance is a membership group, open to interested adults within the Health System’s service area.

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What is the Altru Alliance?

Altru Alliance is a long-standing organization that has, over the years, provided substantial financial support to Altru Health System. Through the Altru Alliance Gift Shop and other fundraisers, the Alliance provides money for programs and supplies that benefit patients and families and community non-profits.

What is the Altru Alliance Purpose?

Altru Alliance provides a link between Altru Health System and the communities it serves. Provide services and items of comfort and convenience for patients and their families. Provide funds to support the activities of Altru Health System.

What are the Opportunities for Supporters?

Supporters can assist as a volunteer at Altru Health System in the gift shop or at a fundraising event. Join an Altru Alliance Committee: Ways & Means, Membership, Program/Social, Public Relations or Gift Shop. Or serve on the Altru Alliance Board of Directors.

Interested in learning more? Please contact Volunteer Services at 701.780.5125.

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