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Focused on Innovation.

Advancement to Heal Faster and Live Better.

Innovation and Research

  • Keeping Altru on the cutting edge of care, innovation funding pioneers groundbreaking approaches of treating illness and disease, attracts the top expert physicians and researchers in the field, enhances the places we provide care, and ensures state-of-the-art technology is available to residents of our region.
  • Generosity in Action | Be the nexus for:
    • Cancer Research, providing our patients with access to emerging cancer treatment options in partnership with Mayo Clinic Cancer Center and National Cancer Institute
    • Clinical Trials and Research, exploring the latest care approaches, medications, and treatments for cardiology, orthopedic surgery, pediatrics and pulmonology
    • State-of-the-Art Technology, from telehealth solutions to robotic surgery and beyond

Scholarships and Workforce Development

  • Investing in Altru employees, their families, and our region’s best and brightest growing minds is imperative to continuing the delivery of world-class care to our community. We are committed to advancing education and building upon a talented healthcare workforce through a variety of scholarship opportunities and programming, internship and residency support and professional development.
  • Generosity in Action | Be the nexus for:
    • Scholarships, advancing educational certifications and degrees
    • Hands-on experience, supporting up-and-coming professionals with clinical hours, supervision observation and internships
    • Professional development, staying abreast of industry trends, needs and advancements
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