Published on March 24, 2016

Altru Clinic in Crookston Announces Multi-Million Dollar Expansion and Renovation Project

Crookston, Minn. – Recently, Altru leadership announced plans to staff about a multi-million dollar development project for Altru Clinic in Crookston, Minn. This project will expand its current footprint at 400 South Minnesota Street. Altru’s Board of Directors approved the project in response to the growing demand for services and to further meet the needs of patients throughout Polk County. 

Altru’s roots for delivering healthcare in Crookston reach as far back as 1920 when it was first Northwestern Clinic. “For more than 95 years, our care has evolved and improved to meet the changing needs of Crookston and the surrounding communities. We are committed to furthering the growth of the Crookston community and remaining steadfastly loyal to our patients in the area,” states Jill Wilson, Administrative Director of Altru’s Regional Operations.

The expansion will improve access to care for those in the Crookston region by increasing the availability of physicians and specific specialists along with supporting services. Current offerings of the clinic will be multiplied and develop it as a hub for care in Polk County, therefore increasing the opportunity for people to receive care close to home. 

Trends show more healthcare services are being provided on an outpatient basis. “Specific details of our plans are currently in discussions with the architects. Our goal is to combine the needs of Crookston-area residents with how healthcare is evolving and shaping how it’s now being delivered,” Wilson continues. “The focus is on delivering the highest patient safety, quality and service in a location that is convenient for patients. As details are developed, information will be shared.” 

Altru has had a solid footprint in Crookston for nearly a century and these changes will improve access and improve the ability to deliver quality care to the resident of Crookston and the surrounding area. Further, Altru’s relationship with Mayo Clinic through the Mayo Clinic Care network, affords those in Crookston and throughout the entire region with a connection to the highest level of expert care and knowledge available. 

About Altru Clinic | Crookston

Altru Clinic in Crookston is an integral part of Altru Health System. Altru’s local staff provide a hometown touch to modern medicine. The team in Crookston offers a multitude of specialties, including family medicine, internal medicine, cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, and physical, speech and occupational therapy services along with local availability of renal dialysis and Yorhom Medical Essentials. With the support of Altru Health System, Altru Clinic has convenient access to additional specialties, so that every patient receives the highest level of care and service. 

About Altru Health System

Altru Health System is a community-owned, integrated system with an acute care hospital, a specialty hospital, more than a dozen clinics in Grand Forks and the region, and a large home care network. It employs more than 200 physicians and 4,000 staff and has an annual net operating revenue of more than $524 million. As the first member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, Altru’s providers have access to clinically integrated tools extending Mayo Clinic’s knowledge and expertise to patients.