Published on August 23, 2016

Altru’s Diabetes Center Receives $60,000 Grant from North Dakota Department of Health

Grand Forks, N.D. – Altru Health Foundation recently received a $60,000 grant from the North Dakota Department of Health to further develop Altru’s Diabetes Center. The funds will be used to implement chronic disease prevention and improve the system of care for patients.  

These funds will specifically help patients with hypertension, pre-diabetes and diabetes. With this support, Altru will build upon team-based care that includes nutritionists, social workers, health educators and medical case managers. Team-based care will help patients create a plan that will encompass not only medical care but also exercise, nutrition and education. 

The funds will continue to build the program for patients with hypertension to self-report blood pressure and sugar by entering their numbers online for providers to monitor. Providers will then be able to see trends and patterns in patients, ultimately leading to better treatment. 

“We’re glad to partner with the state health department to improve Altru’s care delivery for patients with hypertension and diabetes through innovation, standardization and enhanced education strategies,” says Mike Little, manager of primary care programs at Altru. “This is an awesome opportunity to improve outcomes for our patients with chronic disease and focus on prevention.” 

About Altru Health System

Altru Health System is a community-owned, integrated system with an acute care hospital, a specialty hospital, more than a dozen clinics in Grand Forks and the region, and a large home care network. It employs more than 200 physicians and 4,000 staff and has an annual net operating revenue of more than $524 million. As the first member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, Altru’s providers have access to clinically integrated tools extending Mayo Clinic’s knowledge and expertise to patients.