Published on November 24, 2017

Rural Trauma Team Development Course Held in McVille, Scheduled in Langdon

Grand Forks, N.D. - Altru’s trauma team recently conducted a rural trauma team development course in McVille, ND at Nelson County Health System where nine staff took part. Altru’s trauma team plans to hold a similar course with staff at Cavalier County Memorial Hospital in Langdon, ND on November 29.

The Rural Trauma Team Development Course (RTTDC) was designed by the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma to train rural hospital and clinic personnel in the initial assessment and resuscitation of the injured patient and to rapidly initiate transfer to definitive care when appropriate. 

“Twenty to twenty-five percent of the US population is rural, and the majority of trauma deaths take place in a remote setting. Our goal is to use this course with our partners in the region to reduce this statistic,” states Dr. William McKinnon, medical director of Altru’s Regional Operations. 

The course improves the care of the trauma patient in several ways:

  • Establishes a trauma team using the personnel and resources available at the facility
  • Develops a team approach to trauma resuscitation, stabilization and prompt transfer. The goal is to make a decision for transfer within 15 minutes.
  • Identifies key factors in organizing and preparing resuscitation area and equipment. 

The course also helps rural facilities understand the scope of services they may not have available (i.e., surgical, orthopedic, neurosurgical) and to develop predetermined transfer relationships with trauma centers that can provide those services.  Those involved in the course also go through three patient scenarios – single and multiple motor vehicle crashes and an all-terrain vehicle accident. It also provides training with special considerations for pregnancy, pediatric and geriatric populations. 

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