Danielle Rancourt

Danielle Rancourt


Performance Dietitian

“After seeing how fine-tuning my diet improved my performance as a collegiate hockey athlete, I was inspired to become a dietitian so that I could help other people feel the way I did - strong, confident, energized and happy. I now wake up every day with one goal in mind: helping others achieve the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves."

To schedule an appointment, please email drancourt@altru.org.



Formal Education

Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Physical Performance from Saint Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri
Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont


  • Registered Dietitian
  • Licensed Dietitian
  • Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics 
  • Certified Performance Specialist 
  • Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management 

Teaching or Professional Positions

  • NCAA Division 1 Women’s Ice Hockey at the University of Vermont



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Areas of Interest

  • Weight Management 
  • Sports Nutrition 
  • Strength and Conditioning 
  • Culinary 


Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated. The key is to find a balance between founds that nourish the body and foods that nourish the soul . Aim to consume mostly whole foods, in appropriate amounts, and treat yourself once in a while. People often ask me “What’s the best diet?” The best diet is the one you can stick to long term, so choose sustainability over quick fixes.

Interests and Hobbies 

  • Baking and Cooking (Meal Prepping) 
  • Working Out
  • Hockey, Soccer, and Softball
  • Traveling
  • All things Birthday