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Facility Development | A Bold New Era

As a regional-owned health system, Altru has provided outstanding healthcare for over 130 years. Our bold new era of care is our plan for the next 130 years and is our commitment to our region’s physical and economic health.

It includes:

  • An investment of over $250 million
  • A brand new 21st century hospital
  • Expanded clinic services
  • Extensive deployment of new technology
  • Cutting edge surgical and emergency services
  • A population approach to healthcare

This bold new era positions us as a medical destination, providing an economic boost that attracts new business and families looking for a vibrant place to call home. It also enables Altru to expand efforts in population health and engage with residents throughout their lives to keep them well.

By combining world-class facilities, technology and a new approach to patient care, we are meeting our patients’ changing needs and expectations and securing our region’s healthcare future for generations to come.

Altru to create “Hospital in the Park”

Take a sneak peek at Altru’s Masterplan unveiling the next 25 years in care.

Masterplan Cropped

Image provided by JLG Architects.

Learn more about the future ‘Hospital in the Park’ >>

Ideas and Suggestions

As plans are developed throughout all of our facility developments, we are seeking input from our region’s community members, our physicians and staff. All of you throughout the entire region are considered stakeholders in shaping the way healthcare is delivered. We will be hosting focus groups and community forums to garner your feedback. You can also send your ideas and suggestions through the form below or by emailing