Clinic Construction Projects

After the structural failure at Altru Main Clinic in 2016, all clinic offices were relocated with plans to house them on a 90-day and two-year basis while long-term plans were formulated. One of the principle strategies was to take support services off-site so space could be remodeled to house clinics. Renovations have been successful and there is still work to be done. Several million dollars will be invested to implement long-term solutions by the end of 2018, mostly within Altru’s current footprint. High priority spaces include: internal medicine, OB/GYN, podiatry, eye department, general surgery, wound clinic, vascular medicine and pediatrics.

Truyu Aesthetic Center

As a result of an increased demand for dermatology services, Truyu Aesthetic Center is undergoing a two-level expansion and renovation project throughout the DeMers Avenue facility in Grand Forks. The expansion includes the addition of exam and procedure rooms for patient care as well as provide enhanced space for physicians and staff to care for patients. The additional procedure rooms will allow patients the increased availability to Mohs surgery, a surgical technique used to treat skin cancer.

Altru Main Clinic Assessment, Decision and Past Updates

A steering committee, consisting of Altru's Executive Team, Dr. Joshua Deere, Medical Director of Primary Care, and Ken Vein, Administrative Director of Plant & Facilities, are developing long-term solutions for a new ambulatory master plan. This plan looks at the locations of buildings, overall sizes and special relationships to each other, as well as the need to use similar technology between both hospital and clinic services.

Ambulatory Master Plan Considerations

  • Current and future capacity
  • Outlook for future programming
  • Medical group growth
  • Technological advancements

Here, you’ll find continual updates related to Clinic Operations as we move forward together.

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