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Always Lending a Helping Hand | Brad Meland, MD

Always Lending a Helping Hand | Brad Meland, MD

Dr. Brad Meland, a hand surgeon with Altru Advanced Orthopedics, has worked with Altru for the past seven years. He’s helped many patients get back to the lives they enjoy through his love for surgery and his passion for helping people improve their well-being. We sat down with Dr. Meland to get to know him a little better and understand his approach to medicine.

What Is Your Specific Area of Interest in Your Field? Do You Have Any Procedures That You Focus On or Conditions You Treat Most Often?

Though I have practiced both hand surgery and plastic surgery, I am currently solely focused on hand surgeries, including surgery for arthritis, hand traumas, tumor removal, nerve surgery, and beyond. I see many patients with carpal tunnel and offer treatment with endoscopic surgery.

Outside of the Operating Room, What Are Some of Your Professional Achievements?

I am a member of ten different scientific societies. I am the past president of the American Association of Hand Surgery and was previously the chief of hand and upper extremity surgery at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. In my 16 years with Mayo Clinic, I spent quite a bit of time teaching. I gave lectures and taught courses throughout the world. I have also published 75 articles and 11 chapters for medical books.

Did You Enjoy Your Time Teaching and Lecturing? Is That Something That You Are Passionate About?

I did enjoy it and continue to be interested in teaching. In fact, if I was not a surgeon, I would like to be a teacher or a coach.

What Is Your Personal Philosophy of Medicine?

I strongly believe that the patient comes first. I make it a priority, to be honest with my patients and explain their options and what’s going to happen during surgery. I do all that I can to improve my patients’ well-being and help them to be productive in their lives.

What Motivates or Inspires You to Do What You Do?

Simply put—I love surgery and the practice of medicine.

What Do You Like to Do in Your Free Time?

I enjoy being at the lake and taking part in water sports like sailing and fishing. I also enjoy golf, traveling, and being involved with my church.

If You Could Travel Anywhere, Where Would You Go, and Why?

China. I have always wanted to walk the Great Wall.

Where Are You From, and Where Have You Lived?

I was born nearby in Northwood and went to school at UND, so I am a proud North Dakota native. Medical training brought me to Michigan and Florida, and I lived in Rochester, Minnesota, and Scottsdale, Arizona, during my time with the Mayo Clinic. I was happy to return to North Dakota in 2009 when I started working for Altru.

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