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Motivated To Move

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Motivated To Move

Busy is a common word in our society. We are always on the move, and yet we rarely move. At times, life can be a rat race, and let’s face it, life can become inconvenient. We have to maintain a certain level of temperance though and not be too “busy” to take care of ourselves.

We need a reality check. We need to keep wanting to move. We have to be motivated to move.

When we were children, we went through this huge developmental period. We were infants once and we raised our heads. We rolled over and eventually sat upright. We crawled. We pulled ourselves up and gained stability. We then walked, and everyone cheered. None of this came easy, but we moved and made progress.

Why can’t we do this as a population anymore? We’ve lost our way. We’ve regressed. Is it because we are too busy? Did 62 percent of the population decide to stop moving? Or did we lose our motivation to move? Our purpose in life? If we aren’t motivated to move, then we aren’t living life to its fullest.

Flexion-Dominant Society

We are a flexion-dominant society. Therefore, if we keep sitting and keep compressing our bodies, eventually the hip and knee flexion stresses our lower back and lower extremity joints. When our joints become compromised due to lack of movement, our degree of conditioning becomes weak due to poor posture and core weakness. We, therefore, aren’t as strong as we should be. We walk upstairs, breathe heavily and compensate through particular movement patterns.

Our society is not nutritionally sound. As a whole, we simply do not consume the right foods, which in turn compromises not only our movement patterns but our overall physiological function. When we are sitting most of the time, when we lack a certain degree of conditioning, and when we don’t fuel our bodies well, we are not motivated. When we aren’t motivated, we start losing the battle of life. We are supposed to move in extension, we are supposed to condition ourselves so we don’t breathe heavily during routine tasks, and we should be incorporating fruits, vegetables, and lean cut meats into our daily regimen.

Without these, moving through life can be difficult. Having no motivation is literally inflicting direct trauma on your body which leads to pain, stress, and repetitive excuses. This is overlooked. Having bad posture, and bad movement patterns don’t just lead to aches and pains. It causes extreme modifications in our bodies. Surgeries are performed daily because of poor movement. Healthcare providers point us in the right direction, but it’s up to us to do our homework and live a healthy lifestyle. Of course, there are situations that are not in our control, but for the most part, the lives that we live are in our control. Moving your body correctly takes no talent; all it takes is a little hard work, attention to detail, and willpower.

Pieces of Advice:

  • Wake up early often.
  • Walk. It’s a great tool and is often underestimated.
  • Drink water or tea. Get rid of the excess coffee and diet soda.
  • Add in a proper exercise program at least three times a week.
  • Eat white meats, fish, fruits, and veggies.
  • Set goals.
  • Be positive. Don’t complain.
  • Put everything in perspective. Everything.
  • Find your motivation.

Be motivated to move. Don’t just get through life. Know your purpose and act on it.