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72 Pounds Lost, Health Gained | Morrie’s HMR Story

I started talking to Dr. Makarem in March of 2018 about Altru’s Weight Management, an HMR Program. The program hadn’t launched yet, and Dr. Makarem was still conducting research on it. At that time, my weight was 321 pounds. My weight was consistently fluctuating, and my comprehensive metabolic panels were out of tolerance.

In December of 2018, I weighed 318 pounds. I met with Dr. Makarem and discussed the HMR program option that was now available for patients. Dr. Makarem helped connect me with an Altru HMR health coach. When I met with my health coach, he asked me what I wanted out of the program. I knew that I wanted to spend more time with my wife and family. I wanted to be healthier and lose weight. I liked what the program offered so I took the plunge and joined Phase 1. On January 11, 2019, I weighed 314 pounds.

With the help of a health coach, group support at our weekly meetings and the HMR meal plan, I dropped 60 pounds over three months. I exceeded my initial goal and felt ready to transition to Phase 2 of the program. I continued with the meal plan and exercise program and my weight on May 8, 2019, was 241 pounds, making my total pounds lost 72. I hadn’t been at that weight since August of 2013. My comprehensive metabolic panels I mentioned earlier were improving dramatically, and my blood pressure returned to normal.

This program works! I would highly recommend Altru’s Weight Management, an HMR program to those who are looking to be healthier and lose weight. I plan to stick with this program and my goal is to lose another 25 pounds. Thank you to Dr. Makarem for pointing me in the right direction and to my Altru HMR coach for his support throughout this journey.