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Boosting Self-Confidence | Trish’s HMR® Story

Boosting Self-Confidence | Trish’s HMR® Story

Trish's picture with her friends

Trish’s weight loss journey began back in grade school.

“I remember being overweight my whole life,” shared Trish.

She recalls being enrolled in a weight control program at the YMCA that she attended with her mother. Despite her efforts, Trish still struggled with her weight into adulthood, when she decided to make a change, going through lap band surgery in 2008. While the surgery was successful, she wasn’t feeling comfortable in her own body and struggled to lose that last bit of weight. It was then when she heard about Altru’s Weight Management, an HMR® program.

After downloading the HMR® app recommended by a friend, she wondered what it all meant. Upon catching an interview on the North Dakota Today show featuring Jennifer Haugen, Altru’s Weight Management Program Director and Supervisor of Integrative Medicine, she was excited to give this program a try and ordered the sample kit.

“I had tried many protein shakes but never found one that tasted this good, and I was sold,” Trish said. Soon after she joined the in-clinic program.

Stay Satisfied, Stay on the Plan

Trish discovered the HMR® program is not only healthy, but easy, and the only program that encourages the “more is better” concept. Phase one of the program encourages you to consume your prescription of meal replacements, fruits, and vegetables while exercising –and eat more if you are hungry. The key is: Stay satisfied, stay on the plan. Participants track their intake and exercise and report progress each week. HMR® group classes meet weekly and are taught by a health and wellness coach or registered dietitian. It was eye-opening for Trish to discover how few fruits and vegetables she was really consuming prior to the HMR® program. As a comparison, the average American consumes 10 fruits and vegetables per week, while the average HMR® participant consumes 35 or more fruits and vegetables per week.

Phase two looks for ways to add fruits and vegetables to every meal, emphasizing the importance of meal planning. She also is aware of the importance of movement as part of her new lifestyle and enjoys walking and beach body workouts at home.

Pro Tip from Trish: “Try all the HMR® foods in the beginning and identify those you don’t particularly care for right away, but don’t exclude them forever. My taste preferences changed the longer I was on the plan.” Trish’s favorite HMR® food is the peanut butter chocolate bars. She recalls packing a large Ziploc bag containing HMR® peanut butter bars on a plane to her friend’s wedding. “I knew there would be food there that would tempt me so I made the choice to bring my own treats.”

Since July 2019, Trish has lost 26 lbs on HMR®* (to add to her previous weight loss of 100+ pounds) and is very close to achieving her weight goal and loves “not feeling like I have to hide behind someone or something when taking photos, not struggling to bend over to tie my shoes.”

If you are ready to commit to your weight-loss journey, Trish highly recommends the HMR® program. While it wasn’t always easy, she was grateful for the wonderful support she received from the HMR® coaches and other group members, especially on those occasional bad days.

During November and December, give yourself and a friend the gift of health by joining Altru’s Weight Management Program. Each of you will receive $50 to spend on your first product purchase!** And don’t forget: Altru employees with Altru & You Medica Plan receive 50% off class fees and 10% off all products. Schedule your free weight management to consult today through MyChart or call 701.732.7620, option 2.

To learn more about Altru’s Weight Management, an HMR® program visit

*In published studies, average weight loss is 43-66 lbs. for the in-clinic Decision Free® plan and 28 – 37.5 lbs. for the Healthy Solutions® plan for those who completed 12 -26 weeks.

**Applicable only for those joining the in-clinic program