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Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle | Joan’s HMR® Phase 2 Journey

Joan, before joining the weight management programIn September of 2019, Joan Schanilec received a postcard in the mail that would change her life. It described Altru’s Weight Management Program which is called HMR® (Health Management Resources). She had tried several weight loss programs over the years, successfully losing some weight but always regaining it and more. Joan was at the heaviest weight in her life and was beginning to experience health and mobility problems. As an RN, she was well aware of the health risks involved with being overweight but her increasing weight and related issues seemed out of control.

What Joan noticed about Altru’s program is the outstanding structure and accountability, facilitators who are motivating and knowledgeable, and mandatory weekly meetings with group support in Phase 1. Altru’s Phase 1 focuses on weight loss, while Phase 2 focuses on weight management and maintenance. Joan is currently in Phase 2 after achieving a 60+ pound weight loss.

Her favorite part about the program is the group meetings with a trained facilitator and the camaraderie that develops among participants. They learn from each other, inspire one another, and hold each other accountable.

- On June 10, 2021, Joan completed one year in Phase 2. She accomplished her goal of maintaining 100% of her weight loss on her Phase 2 anniversary

Joan on left before program, and on right skinnier versionAfter losing 60+ pounds, Joan rediscovered her love of exercise and fitness. On a regular basis, she participates in Pilates, Circuit Interval Training, and Core and Balance classes. In January 2021, at age 66, she joined the Grand Cities Pickleball League and loves the game! She also began playing tennis about a month ago after a 40-year hiatus from the game. Physical activity has become an essential part of her life.

For anyone interested in joining Altru’s Weight Management Program, Joan would say that the program works, it is fun, easy to learn, the food is very good, you meet great people, and form new friendships. Many individuals see rapid weight loss in the beginning, motivating one to continue. Joan highly recommends continuing into Phase 2 with weekly meetings to maintain one’s weight loss.

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*In published studies, average weight loss is 43-66 lbs. for the in-clinic Decision Free® plan and 28 – 37.5 lbs. for the Healthy Solutions® plan for those who completed 12 -26 weeks.