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How to Transition from Treadmill Running to Outdoor Running

How to Transition from Treadmill Running to Outdoor Running

man runningAre you a fair-weather runner? I know I am! I love to have the perfect conditions outdoors, or else I am on the treadmill. There can be a big difference in mechanics once you start hitting the pavement. Here are some tips that I use when I am starting to build my outdoor running foundation!

  1. Start Gradual! – start by mixing in a lower mileage outdoor run 1x per week.
  2. Add a .1-.5 percent incline to the treadmill runs to activate the hamstrings.
  3. Warm up with 1 minute of single leg Jumping rope or pretend jumping rope to strengthen calves.
  4. Think about running on the balls of your feet.
  5. Run with a slight forward lean from the ankles.
  6. For hamstring activation, think about heel to butt while running.
  7. Remember to be patient and listen to your body!

If you would like more information or if you are struggling with an injury, let your primary provider know and they can help refer you to physical therapy or call Altru Physical Therapy at 701.780.2300 to set up an appointment. A physical therapist will help program individualized strengthening to help maximize your running season.

Written by: Amanda Leavy, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS

Amanda Leavy is a board-certified sports clinical specialist, and has been working with athletes of all ages for 15 years. She loves to do CrossFit, running, triathlons as well as be active with her family. Her philosophy is to empower her patients to achieve their true potential by giving them the tools they need to succeed