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More is Better l John's HMR® Weight Loss Story

More is Better l John's HMR® Weight Loss Story

John began his HMR journey in July of 2019 after discussing the program with his primary care physician, Dr. Makarem. His decision to join the program was motivated by both his health and his kids. He had tried other programs in the past but always gained back his weight. He discussed the program options with Rachel, a health and wellness coach at the Sanny and Jerry Ryan Center for Prevention and Genetics. Because of the distance from home to Grand Forks, Rachel recommended the HMR at home program. John's favorite parts of the program include: the coaching, the ease of ordering supplies, and the fact that he was never hungry.

More is Better

John before completing the Altru HMR weight loss program.The HMR program promotes a “more is better” concept and encourages all forms of fruits and vegetables. Through the HMR at home program John has lost 223 pounds, has been able to maintain his weight and loves to share his story. “I’m overall much happier, my health has improved.” One of the challenges he overcame with his HMR journey was making time for his “PA” (physical activity). He was able to problem-solve around the seasons of the year by taking up snowshoeing in the winter months. John would tell patients looking to join the program: follow the program, stay “in the box”, get in your “PA”, enjoy the “more is better” and you will succeed!

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