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Dale's Weight Loss Journey with Altru

Dale's Weight Loss Journey with Altru

Dale’s HMR® journey began on November 15, 2021. He had heard about the program through his physician, Dr. James Roed, who had recommended it during a checkup. Dale became motivated to try the program because he wanted to take charge of his health and was concerned about the long-term risks if he didn’t do anything about his weight. While he had tried many other “yo-yo diets” in the past, he would always gain the weight back, plus some once he stopped.

The HMR® program works for Dale because the program is so easy to follow. "There are no counting calories, carbs, or fats, just staying in the box.” Dale is excited, motivated, and looking forward to continuing with his weight-loss journey. Dale’s favorite parts of the program are having a great coach (Rachel), group support, and weekly classes that hold him accountable. He says he has found it helpful that “Rachel is always available, and she keeps me focused and goal-oriented for success.” The group setting also reminds him that he is not going through this alone.

Dale's weight loss journey.Since beginning his journey, Dale has found success in many ways. He was able to lower his blood pressure medication, has looser-fitting clothes, more energy, is able to walk to work without running out of breath and has a better outlook on life! The biggest challenge that Dale has had to overcome since starting the program has been binge eating, but he attests that staying “in the box” has kept him away from junk food. He now enjoys more fruits and vegetables, which has helped him lose weight while focusing on learning new behaviors and coping skills that will help him move forward with a new healthy lifestyle.

For anyone considering the program, Dale would tell them to join the program and that “it’s easy to follow, it's healthy, and if you stay in the box, it works. I’ve lost 75 pounds in a little over three months! Join a group and attend weekly classes. Success is just a “box” away!”

If you're ready for a dramatic transformation and want to lose weight fast while learning new lifestyle skills, visit our Weight Management page to book a free consultation or call 701.732.7620.

Altru is proud to offer the HMR® Program which was named a Best Fast Weight Loss Diet in US News & World Report's annual diet rankings for the 7th year in a row!