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Losing Weight With Altru HMR® - Q&A With Dale

Losing Weight With Altru HMR®  - Q&A With Dale

Dale started his weight loss journey on November 15, 2021, and since then, he's lost 150 pounds. After being referred to the HMR® program, he decided to commit and take charge of his health as he was concerned about the long-term risks if he didn’t do anything about his weight. Below Dale answers questions about his success and gives advice to others.

Question: You have lost 150 lbs in 9 months. What has led to this success?

Putting it simply, everything about HMR promotes success - staying in the box, attending weekly classes and exercise. The keys for my success are consistency, discipline, family support and self-motivation. If you do the work the program works for you.

Question: You made a commitment to attend class each week. Why is attending class important?

For me attending the class has been crucial in my success. Setting weekly goals and sharing with others has helped me with accountability. Every week we can share how things are going and talk about the challenges and the successes. We get lessons and tips from our health coach and each other, and this helps to set us up to develop our path to a successful journey.

Question: How has your activity changed since starting the program?

Since I hadn’t been active for years, I was anxious about starting to exercise. I felt a lot of anxiety when thinking about physical activity – in my mind I imagined I’d have to go to the gym. I’d get out of breath walking from the parking lot to my office. With the advice of my health coach and classmates I started with walking videos. I’d also go to work early (winter) and just walk around the office area for 10 minutes. I felt silly but I forced myself through the silliness. When the weather warmed up this past spring, I started to do short walks, walking 5 minutes one way, turn around and go back. I decided to take charge and committed to doing some kind of activity every day. I figured as long I was moving it was good. Now I walk 30 - 90 minutes a day. It may take four short walks, but I get my steps in.

Question: You are currently in Phase 2 of the program. How does Phase 2 support your goals?

Dale showing his weight loss in the different images. By using the structure and tools from Phase 1 I should be able to maintain and continue with my weight management. I know that physical activity, plenty of fruits and vegetables are going to be part of my daily routine now. By continuing weekly meetings I’m learning so much from my health coach and other members about adding lean proteins and whole grains back into my diet. I hate to use the word diet because I’m learning how to eat correctly and live a healthy lifestyle to maintain my weight loss.

Question: What is your advice for anyone looking to join the HMR Program?

This program is built for you to succeed with healthy weight loss. I’ve been on many diets but this one is different. This program teaches you how to make healthy foods choices. They even encourage you to eat more, so long as it’s their meal replacements, shakes and any fruits or vegetables you like. I’ve never found myself hungry on the program. I definitely recommend going to classes, listening to your health coach and fellow members. There’s a support nurse that monitors your progress in the beginning so you can keep track of your vitals for any changes. Go to classes, try it for a few weeks and after seeing the results you’ll want to keep going.

*In HMR’s published studies, average weight loss for the in-clinic Decision-Free® plan is 43-66 lbs. for those who completed 12-26 weeks.

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