Shadowing Program

*Important update on COVID-19 (coronavirus) state of affairs*

Upon review of the CDC and department of health guidelines, Altru Health System has decided to continue the suspension of shadow-related experiences until September 2. This date is subject to change. The safety of our students, employees and patients is a priority. We understand this will have an impact for shadow program participants.

Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions or concerns please email me at

About Altru's Shadow Program

The Altru Shadowing Program allows students and adults the opportunity to observe work in a health care career of their choice.

Each shadowing experience is two hours in length. The shadow will be assigned to a staff member in a chosen career field and will learn about educational requirements, career advancement and daily job duties.

Students in grades 11 and 12 can participate. The program is also available to college students and individuals interested in health care or considering a career change.

Participant Sign-Up

High school students must work through their school guidance counselor or principal. The student should contact the counselor or principal about his/her field of interest, who will contact the Shadowing Program Coordinator.

All other interested individuals should fill out the application below.

Arrangements should be made at least three weeks in advance. As soon as scheduling has been finalized, written confirmation will be sent to both the shadow and the mentor.

Shadow Program Application

For more information, please email shadowing program coordinator at

Shadowing Program Information

  • Appointments are scheduled for weekdays only in a two-hour timeframe from 9 - 11 a.m or 1 - 3 p.m.
  • If participants are unable to keep appointments, they must contact the Shadowing Program Coordinator at
  • Participants will be asked to sign a confidentiality statement to protect our patients' privacy.
  • Professional attire and comfortable shoes must be worn to the shadowing appointment.

Areas of Interest Available For Shadowing

* Open only to nursing students
** Open only to high school seniors and above
*** Open only to college students

PT/OT Volunteer/Observation Hours

Volunteer hours count toward the observation hour requirement for application to the Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy Professional programs. Student volunteers must commit to a 2-4 hour shift per week for a full school semester. Learn more about volunteering here or call 701.780.5125 for additional information.

Shadow Experience Testimonials

“I would like to thank the shadowing program at Altru for allowing me to further explore a career field I am interested in. This program provides students and professionals the ability to explore and find their passions. Thank you for providing me with this opportunity.“
-HS student shadowing Executive team

“I am going to be starting nursing school this fall and it made me more confident that this is the right decision for me. The experience taught me a lot about oncology, which is a field I am very interested in, and it made my interest in the field grow even more.”
-College nursing student

“I learned a lot about what a pharmacist does, thanks to this shadowing experience. I learned about the amount of schooling it would take to become a pharmacist and what they do from day to day. I got lots of valuable information form this experience and will take it into account when making a final decision on what I want my career to be.”
- College student who shadowed Pharmacy

“I really enjoyed shadowing an NICU RN, because it helped me to solidify my decision of changing my major to nursing.”
-College student who shadowed a NICU RN

“I had already been interested in internal medicine before this experience, and this shadow has even further confirmed my desire to pursue this career!" -PreMed student shadowing Internal Medicine

“The shadow program helped me to keep motivated to apply for PA school. I am really passionate about the profession.”
-PA student who shadowed a Vascular Center and Wound Clinic PA

“I was able to observe my mentor doing consults, rounding and treating patients in collaboration with physicians.”
-PA student who shadowed a Cardiac Clinic PA

"I want to thank you so much for taking the time to set up the shadow appointment for my student yesterday in OR. He had a wonderful experience! He was so excited and spoke very highly of all of the staff he encountered. He did not remember the name of the CRNA in the open heart case, but continually talked about how wonderful this gentleman was to explain things to him and to answer his questions. Hearing him talk about his experience made me proud to be part of Altru. I am grateful for the mentoring the OR staff did in making him feel welcome. They certainly fired him up and energized him to continue to pursue a career in healthcare. He’s already asking if he can do the shadow experience again. He was excited to share that the open heart crew invited him back to watch an entire case sometime down the road. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity!"
-Parent of HS student who shadowed Surgery

“I would like to thank you and the Altru lab department for providing me with the opportunity to job shadow last Thursday. The tour was very informative and gave an extensive preview of what day to day operations are like at the various areas of the lab. While I may not have been prepared for all of the technical terminology at this stage in my education, I found the procedures and equipment to be fascinating all the same. The lab staff was friendly- everyone I talked to seemed to be very passionate about their career and seemed genuinely excited that I was showing interest in the Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) path as well. Overall, my time at Altru was a positive experience and I feel it has helped reaffirm my decision to pursue the MLS program at UND.”

– College student who shadowed Medical Laboratory Science