Visitor Restrictions

Our top priority is keeping our patients, staff and community safe and healthy. It is vital for us to carefully monitor admittance into our facilities. Thank you for your understanding and assistance as we work to ensure a healthy environment for our patients and staff.  

  • All visitors and patients will continue to be screened upon entering our facilities.   
  • Visitors should not have symptoms of respiratory infection such as a coughshortness of breath or a fever.   
  • No visitors under the age of 18.  
  • Exceptions may be made by clinical administration for critical illness or end of life situations. 

No visitors allowed: 

  • Inpatient units – some exceptions may be made by clinical administration. 
  • Emergency department – If patient requires assistance or a driver, exemptions for 1 visitor may be made. 

1 Visitor allowed: 

  • OB and Labor and Delivery Units 
  • Clinic Appointments  
  • Procedural Departments  
  • Family Birthing Center 

2 Visitors allowed: 

  • NICU and Pediatric Unit - Parent/Guardian(s) only 
  • Procedural Departments - Patients under 18 years of age