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Chelsea Lupien, MO

About Chelsea

Chelsea Lupien, MO specializes in Cosmetology. Chelsea is passionate about quality care and having a heart for service, she looks forward to providing exceptional patient care while creating a unique, personal experience for each person she meets. Outside of work, Chelsea enjoys cooking, gardening and spending time with her family. 

Philosophy of Medicine

"I chose healthcare because I believe in the importance of caring for one's self in a safe, clean environment. I want my patients to be able to relax fully and enjoy the services they are receiving, knowing that the facility and environment is held to the highest sanitary standards. I am inspired by my patients trust in me to provide them with very personal, sometimes vulnerable services. They have such gratitude and appreciation for the work I do to serve them and that motivates me to provide an exceptional experience for them each and every time."

Locations Truyu at Choice
  • Board Certification
  • ND Master Operator Cosmetologist