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Patient Estimates

Altru Health System is pleased to provide good faith estimates to our patients prior to services. Estimates are based on the average total charges of the expected procedure and do not include any unforeseen complications or additional tests or procedures. The estimate is not a guarantee of what will be billed. A final bill for actual services provided will be generated following completion of all items necessary for billing and Altru Health System is not liable or responsible for variances between the estimate and actual fees.

Please contact Altru Health System at 701.780.6200 for Patient Price Estimates.

The following information is necessary to provide the most accurate estimate possible:

  • The specific procedure/service. Please include CPT procedure code when possible.
  • Expected date of service.
  • Insurance information, if applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my estimate?

The estimate is based on the average charge for the specific procedure/service expected to be provided. It may include anticipated fees for items such as room and board, operating rooms, anesthesia, professional fees for physicians, supplies and medications. While every patient’s needs are different, we do our best to determine what will be included for you.

What is not included in my estimate?

Charges that will come from Non-Altru providers. For example, a dental surgery may be done at Altru Hospital by an oral surgeon that has admitting privileges at Altru Health System. Charges for the technical services provided will be included in the estimate but charges for the professional services provided by the oral surgeon come from their office. Also, services needed after the procedure (ex: physical therapy). We are happy to provide a separate estimate of these services if you know what will be required.

Why is the amount of my estimate different than the amount billed on my statement?

It is impossible to predict, prior to services, exactly what will be needed. Variables such as the equipment, supplies and medications required, additional tests needed based on initial results, length of time in surgery or recovery or unforeseen complications can increase or decrease the amount billed as compared to the amount of the estimate.

What if I can’t afford the services that I need?

Altru Health System provides temporary financial assistance to patients with demonstrated and documented financial need, who reside in our service area and receive primary health care services at an Altru Health System facility.

What amount will my insurance cover?

Ultimately it is the patient’s responsibility to inquire how much insurance will pay, however, we can assist providing the estimated out-of-pocket costs related to the service. Please refer to your current policy for the copay, deductible, coinsurance and maximum out of pocket amounts.