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Altru & You with Medica: Making the Most of Your Membership

You’re a member of Altru & You with Medica, but do you know exactly what that membership offers you and your family?

Altru & You is your partner in healthcare. Learn more about the wide variety of conveniences available to you and your family, including access to healthcare records at your fingertips, discounts on services offered through Altru Health System and more.

Easy Access Through the App

Through the MyHealth online portal, accessible on your computer or through the MyChart app, you can access health records on the go. MyHealth not only gives you access to your own records, but enables you to act as proxy for your children, spouse or parents and view their records as well. The portal also allows you to ask your provider questions, schedule appointments, request prescription refills and request an Altru eVisit. It’s convenient, and it’s also entirely confidential.

A Partner in Proactive Healthcare

Altru & You partners with you to keep your family healthy. Take control of your family’s health with direct access to specialists without a need for referral or take advantage of an eVisit to take care of your minor health concerns while saving you a trip to your primary care provider’s office.

You also receive discounts on services, including health coaching and Altru’s Weight Management Program, a health club reimbursement through Fit Choices by Medica, and free screenings once a year. The InBody test, a body composition analysis screening, gives you a detailed breakdown of your body’s fat-to-muscle ratio. The My BioCheck biometric screening looks at all of your numbers—your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels—to help you keep track of chronic disease risk and be sure you’re staying within a healthy range.

Pharmacy Benefits

Medica’s drug list shows you covered drugs by both brand name and generic, and is regularly updated after review by medical professionals. The list includes how much you’ll pay for each medication, which allows you to go over your options with your doctor and choose the best medication for you in terms of both cost and effectiveness. Access this information at or through the CVS Caremark app on your phone.

Health and Wellness Rewards

Altru & You doesn’t just help you meet your family’s health goals—it rewards you when you do. My Health Rewards by Medica creates an interactive experience that helps you create and maintain healthy habits by providing you with incentives in the form of points (points only apply to members age 18+).

Point-earning opportunities include:

You also earn 100 points when you complete the health assessment, designed to help you better understand your personal health, and 25 points per year for completing a Next-Steps Consult. Journeys are multiple-week challenges designed to help you implement new healthy habits, and each Journey you complete earns you 50 points. Complete six in a year and earn 300 points. Points can be redeemed for $20 gift cards as you move up in levels (every 100 points). Visit and click on the Health & Wellness tab to find out more.

Ready to get started using your Altru & You with Medica plan to its fullest? Visit to learn more.