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Stay True to Your Goals: Altru’s Improved Weight Management Program

At Altru, we know weight loss isn’t as simple as signing up for a gym membership or starting a new diet. Changing your eating and exercise habits requires patience and commitment, which is why Altru has partnered with Health Management Resources® (HMR) to offer an evidence-based weight management program structured to provide you with the information, support and accountability necessary for you to meet and maintain your long-term weight-loss goals.

Available to Altru & You With Medica℠ members for the reduced price of $50 a month, our program offers weekly virtual classes (available in person at our Grand Forks location), educational information and recipes, health coaching and medical supervision for individuals with other high-risk conditions. You will have access to a community of registered dietitians and exercise physiologists, as well as other dedicated members to support each other to eat well, be more active and stay on track.

Getting Started

The program kicks off after you schedule your free consultation with one of our health coaches and is broken into two phases. The first phase includes a structured meal plan of fruits, vegetables and meal replacement shakes (sold separately), which promotes safe weight loss and helps establish a healthy dietary routine.

During the second phase, our health coaches will guide your transition to a more individualized plan, instilling the type of eating habits you can sustain for life. If you’re not moving through the program as quickly as you’d like, don’t worry—there is no definitive start or end date. Stay as long as you need the extra push, and stop whenever you feel you are ready to continue your wellness journey on your own.

Sign up for Altru’s Weight Management, an HMR® Program, to start making your health a priority. Schedule your free consultation through MyChart or by calling 701.732.7620.

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