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Financial Assistance

Altru Health System provides temporary financial assistance to patients with demonstrated and documented financial need and who receive health care services at an Altru Health System facility. These programs strive to meet the needs of as many patients as possible. Financial counseling to determine any outside sources is a part of the application process.

To receive assistance or guidance regarding available programs and eligibility, please call 701.780.1500.

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Referrals can originate from a provider, caregiver, friend, family member or self.

Charity Care

Charity Care is a full or partial discount of outstanding patient balances for services deemed medically necessary for patients who meet all financial criteria. Patients may qualify for Charity Care, even though they have insurance coverage, if they are unable to pay the balance remaining after insurance benefits are applied.

Community Care

Community Care is designed to provide financial assistance to those who have no insurance, limited means to pay for medical services and who do not qualify for external programs. It provides patients with directed, supervised and coordinated care from their Altru primary care physician for a maximum of six months, within a two-year period. Existing patients will be able to retain their current primary care physician, while new patients will be assigned a primary care physician.

Reduced Monthly Payments

Altru Health System requires payment in full at the time services are provided or patient balance is determined. Our Board of Directors have established guideline monthly payments based on an outstanding balance for patients who are unable to pay the full amount. We recognize that medical expenses are not always expected and can cause financial hardship. Upon review of the financial assistance application, payments below the guidelines may be allowed.

Applying for Financial Assistance

In determining a patient's eligibility for financial assistance, the following factors may be reviewed:

  • Household income/Family size
  • Net worth
  • Employment status
  • Financial obligations
  • Health care service needs
  • Other payment sources

Altru Health System has multiple charity programs and for the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) program, Altru will not collect assets and will only collect family size and income.

*Financial Assistance Application

(*Please note: This is a fillable PDF. Please download and open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

To apply for financial assistance, please contact Altru Business Center at 701.780.1500 or visit any of our locations in Grand Forks, Cavalier, Devils Lake, Crookston and Roseau. You can also schedule an appointment with a financial counselor by utilizing MyChart scheduling.

Healthcare Eligibility Resource Options Program (HERO)

The HERO (Healthcare Eligibility Resource Options) program provides services to screen uninsured and underinsured patients for available health care coverage through local, government and internal programs.

Our financial counselors have a library of resources available. You may qualify for programs based on financial hardship, a disability or the type of care you need. Some financial resources and community agencies available include:

Financial Resources:

  • Medicaid
  • Women's Way
  • Prescription Assistance Programs
  • Veterans Administration
  • North Dakota/Minnesota Children with Special Health Needs
  • Altru's Community Care Program

Community Agencies:

  • County Social Services Department
  • Public Health
  • Infant and Children's Services
  • Senior Services
  • Support groups for specific needs/topics

HERO is a free resource for Altru Health System patients. For more information, call 701.780.5060.

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