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Price Estimates & Transparency

Altru recognizes the importance of patients’ access to information and is committed to providing useful price information for our patients in order to help patients better anticipate out-of-pocket responsibilities for specific services or courses of treatment. To help determine your out-of-pocket costs when planning for your healthcare, Altru's online tool allows you to get a quick and personalized estimate for common procedures and services.

Estimates are used to get an idea of what your financial obligations could be however, estimates are not a guarantee of the exact amount you will be responsible for paying. There are many different services that could be ordered by your provider that may not be included in the estimate and the price may be lower or higher than the estimate states. Your care will always be based on your specific needs and your services could change during your treatment which would affect your original estimate amount. Insurance plans can also affect out-of-pocket costs and estimates may not include any changes to insurance coverage or benefits (such as deductibles, co-insurance, co-pays, etc.). Altru encourages you to contact your insurance company directly to determine if the services are a covered benefit and to explain what your financial responsibility is as it relates to your specific insurance coverage. Learn more about understanding health insurance from Consumer Reports.

Get Your Personalized Estimate

Use the MyChart estimate tool to determine the approximate cost of your services based on your treatment and insurance coverage. If you are already a MyChart user, you may log in to MyChart to access the tool. If you are a new user, please select the Guest Estimates option below.

*For BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota plans, please call 701.780.5510 for an estimate.

Guest Estimates

If you are not yet a patient at Altru, you can create a "guest" estimate online.

Create a Guest Estimate

Estimates for MyChart Users

Are you already a MyChart User? Log in to your MyChart Account to start your estimate.

Estimates for MyChart Users

Billing-Related Assistance

Our goal is to provide you accurate and personal estimates of your out-of-pocket costs. If you have any questions related to estimates and charges, please contact us 701.780.5510.

If you need help paying for care, we offer financial assistance. Please contact us at 701.780.1500 to discuss options that are available to you.

Additional Information

The federal government requires healthcare systems to post certain information about charges for their services. We have posted our charge list to comply with these federal requirements. Please note that the charges included in this document do not reflect insurance adjustments. For a personalized experience, we recommend using the estimates tool available on MyChart.

Create Your Personalized Estimate

View the federal required standard charge list.

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