Care Everywhere

Care Everywhere ensures your health information is available wherever you are. It allows your health information to be securely exchanged using electronic medical records.

Anyone who receives care at participating Care Everywhere organizations benefits from Care Everywhere. Whether you're traveling and need emergency medical attention, or perhaps you frequently visit providers from separate healthcare organizations, Care Everywhere allows these providers access to your health information.

See the complete list of healthcare organizations currently participating in Care Everywhere.

How does it work?

If you or your legally authorized representative agree to the electronic release of your health information, a secure link can be established allowing clinicians to access your records from another organization. Your health team will have more complete information about you that will help them better meet your needs in a safe, effective and timely manner.

How long is my authorization valid?

Your consent to electronically release your health information through Care Everywhere remains effective until midnight after your appointment or hospital discharge. The information received by any of the participating health care organizations may also be used to provide care for you in the future. Only health professionals involved in your care are able to see your health information.

Each healthcare organization will use and maintain the information according to its own policies. The participating organizations may disclose some or all of the information as permitted by law, if it pertains to your care plan. By signing the authorization, you indicate your understanding that information released because of this authorization may be released as permitted by law.

What information will be shared electronically?

The information available depends on each organization’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. It may include:

  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Medical, Surgical, Family and Social History
  • Immunizations
  • Clinic and Hospital Visits
  • Test Results (Including HIV)
  • Diagnoses (Including HIV)
  • Procedures

Can I choose the organizations I will release my health information to?

Yes. We will obtain information only from the organizations that you name in the signed authorization. Please note, when you name an organization, all of its locations are included.

What is the difference between Altru Critical Access Hospital Partners and Care Everywhere?

Altru's Critical Access Hospital Partners connect to and use Altru’s Epic Electronic Medical Record (EMR). There is no need to use Care Everywhere with these organizations since their data is already in our system. Examples of Altru’s Critical Access Hospital Partners include LifeCare Medical Center in Roseau, Minn., Cavalier County Memorial Hospital and Clinics in Langdon, N.D., and First Care Health Center in Park River, ND. 

How does Care Everywhere work with the Mayo Clinic Care Network?

Currently, the electronic exchange of medical information to Mayo Clinic is not possible through Care Everywhere Network. However, information can still be exchanged because of our involvement in the Mayo Clinic Care Network.