Astym Therapy

Astym therapy addresses problems such as scarring, fibrosis and degeneration of soft tissues. These problems may develop as the result of trauma, surgery or overuse.

Astym is effective for new injuries, as well as chronic, nagging conditions. Astym treatment uses instruments along the skin’s surface to locate problem areas and start the body’s healing process. Astym therapy is performed in conjunction with an individualized exercise program which encourages healing, allowing you to return to activities without pain and limitation. The success of Astym is well-documented for a variety of diagnoses, and many times it helps patients where other treatments have failed. This proven treatment improves countless lives every day.

Altru has therapists certified and trained in the use of Astym techniques.

To make an appointment with an Astym certified therapist at Altru, call 701.780.2300.

How Treatment Works

  • An Astym certified therapist will treat not only painful areas, but also other problem areas that may contribute to your condition.
  • During treatment, you may feel areas that are “rough” or “bumpy.” These are the areas that need to be addressed.
  • Over the course of treatment you will notice as these rough areas smooth out, pain will decrease and function will increase.
  • Following treatment, you may notice some bruising and soreness to touch in the areas that were rough. This shows the body is addressing the abnormal tissue through the natural healing process.
  • You will receive an individualized stretching and exercise program to help your body rebuild healthy tissue and allow you to return to an active lifestyle.
  • Most patients experience a significant change in their symptoms within the first three to four treatments.

How is Astym different?

Astym is effective in restoring movement and reducing pain from soft tissue injury or dysfunction.

  • Patients often get better without surgery.
  • Astym provides excellent results with few treatments. Normal movement patterns are restored for daily functions, and pain is relieved.
  • Astym is scientifically based, supported by clinical research and extensive outcomes.
  • Patients stay active, workers stay on the job and athletes stay in their sport during treatment.

What kind of patients benefit?

A variety of diagnoses can be treated using Astym. Please contact your doctor or an Astym certified therapist at 701.780.2300 to determine if this treatment is best for your needs.

  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Chronic ankle sprains
  • Chronic tendinopathies (most forms)
  • DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis
  • Hamstring strains
  • IT (Iliotibial) band syndrome
  • Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
  • Medial epicondylitis
  • Patellar tendinitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Post-surgical fibrosis
  • Post-surgical scarring
  • Shin splints
  • Shoulder pain
  • SI and lower back pain
  • Soft tissue changes associated with degenerative joint disease (arthritis)
  • Trigger finger
  • Trochanteric bursitis (hip pain)
  • Wrist sprains

What do I need to do at home?

As part of the Astym program, you will be expected to complete exercises outside of therapy sessions.

  • Be as active as possible, unless your physician instructs you otherwise. Let pain be your guide.
  • If your injury has prevented your participation in certain activities, work your way back to them as your pain allows.

Proper hydration is important in the healing process. Drink plenty of water.