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Steps to Better Hearing

Obtaining hearing aids is not a difficult process. However, careful steps must be taken to ensure that the hearing aids you receive fit your needs.

Step 1

An audiologic evaluation is a comprehensive hearing test conducted by an audiologist to determine if you are a candidate for amplification. These sophisticated tests determine the type and degree of your hearing loss.

Step 2

Obtaining a medical evaluation or medical clearance from a primary care physician should be obtained prior to pursuing amplification. The physician determines if your hearing loss could be improved by medical or surgical treatment.

Step 3

An audiologist will discuss the hearing aid styles and technologies most appropriate for you. This will depend on your lifestyle, activity level, dexterity, cosmetic concerns and financial limitations. You and your audiologist will also decide whether you need hearing aids in one or both ears. Finally, an earmold impression is made of your ear to provide the exact shape for your hearing aid.

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