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Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids need to be treated with care as would fine jewelry. The better care that can be taken with hearing aids, generally the less they will need repair.

The most common cause of hearing aid repair is earwax, which can plug up the hearing aid and interfere with sound transmission. Therefore, it is very important to keep the hearing aid clean and wax-free. Some hearing aid manufacturers have their own special wax system to help prevent the build-up of wax.

It may also be important to have ears cleaned by a physician once or twice a year.

  • Daily cleaning: Wipe the aid with a soft, dry cloth and carefully remove wax from around the receiver.
  • Battery care: Batteries should be kept away from children and pets. Never force a battery into a hearing aid. If a battery door does not close easily, check to make sure that the battery is not inserted upside down.
  • Avoid moisture: Hearing aids should not be worn in or near saunas, steam baths, regular baths, vaporizers, or showers, and never immerse the hearing aid in water. If the hearing aid does become wet let it dry naturally with the battery door left open. Never use a hairdryer or place the hearing aid in the microwave or oven to dry.
  • Handle with care: Be careful not to drop the hearing aid and do not leave the hearing aid where children or pets can mishandle, destroy or even swallow the hearing aid.
  • At night: Simply remove the hearing aid at night and turn the aid off by opening the battery door or switching the hearing aid off. Always insert and remove your hearing aids over a soft surface.

By treating hearing aids with care, they will require fewer repairs and should last for several years.

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