Altru's Behavioral Health Unit

With a personal and responsive approach to mental health, the team in Altru’s Behavioral Health Unit works to understand your needs and provide the resources necessary for comprehensive evaluation and treatment.

Inpatient services are located in Altru Hospital on fourth floor. Admissions are made with physician orders through clinic visits or Emergency Outpatient Department visits.

Call 701.780.3440 to reach Altru’s Behavioral Health Unit.

Program Offerings

  • Physician visits and evaluation
  • Nursing assessment and treatment
  • Occupational Therapy assessment and treatment
  • Social Work assessment and discharge planning
  • Couples/Family therapies as needed
  • Therapeutic School Program (child and adolescents only)
  • Medical transfer/consultation service as needed
  • Community referral and Case Management Services
  • Group therapy

Case Management

Mental illness and treatment for yourself or family members can add stress to your life. Case managers become involved with chronic complex patients who are receiving multiple services at Altru Health System. Our case managers help you with many of the problems related to mental illness, treatment and stabilization.

Altru’s case managers are professionally trained to assess patients and families’ holistic needs and to assist in accessing and coordinating appropriate resources. Committed to providing comprehensive services to patients and their families, our staff help assigned patients across the continuum of care and through all settings at Altru. They can put you in touch with many community agencies and facilities. They also provide counseling and other support services to patients and their families.

Psychiatry case managers collaborate with psychiatrists and all involved clinicians. They will work with providers to screen patients for eligibility to case management services.

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Social Workers

In collaboration with the medical team and case managers, Altru has a great team of Social workers to assist in ensuring the needs of the patient are met.  The Social worker provides psychosocial support to families and individual patients trying to cope with acute, chronic  or terminal sickness.  The social worker provides guidance to clients and care givers by providing patient education, recommendations, and referrals for other services.

Social workers are a great resource for the patient to ensure they will receive the support they need by collaborating with community resources and linking those resources with the patient.

Financial Information

While your healthcare is our primary concern, the financial aspect of your visit is a necessary part of our service to you. Psychiatry inpatient services are often reimbursable by most third-party payers (insurance/health plans). Important pre-authorization procedures are often necessary.

Additional Resources

Call 701.780.3440 to reach Altru’s Behavioral Health Unit.