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Support Services

At Altru Cancer Center, our foremost concern is treating the person, not just the illness. In this section, you will find detailed information about all of our support services.

Altru Cancer Center Patient Navigators are available to assist patients and families find their way through the treatment process.

If you have any questions about our support services, please call us at 701.780.5400.

Social Resources

Cancer can complicate people's lives in many ways, and is not limited to its physical impact. At Altru, we recognize the importance of treating patients as individuals with specific social needs.

The American Cancer Society's Quality of Life Resource Center is a product of Altru's longstanding relationship with the American Cancer Society.

At the Quality of Life Resource Center:

  • The Reach to Recovery program is staffed by volunteer breast cancer survivors who meet with and provide support to current patients and their loved ones
  • The Road to Recovery program provides transportation for cancer patients both to treatments and back home
  • The Look Good, Feel Better program is led by volunteer beauty professionals who offer cosmetic tips to women undergoing cancer treatment
  • New and gently used wigs and turbans are available free of charge for women experiencing hair loss

The staff in our Social Services Department assesses each patient and family's holistic needs, and is available to all patients and family members free of charge.

Social Services provides the following comprehensive services:

  • Referral to community agencies; including lodging, special education and support groups
  • Referral to financial programs; including Medicaid, Social Security Administration, medication assistance and Veterans Affairs
  • Support services; including counseling and education
  • Discharge planning services; including nursing homes, follow-up services, in-home health care and home-delivered meals

For more information about any of our support services, please call us at 701.780.5400.

Spiritual Needs

Being diagnosed with cancer can have a profound spiritual impact on a person. Whether this means questioning one's faith or seeking religion for the first time, spiritual counseling can help.

Spiritual counseling can:

  • Help you deal with feelings of guilt, anger and despair
  • Draw upon your faith to help you overcome illness
  • Provide sacraments and religious rites
  • Help you find a new or renewed purpose in life
  • Provide support as part of end of life care

For any questions regarding spiritual needs, please call Pastoral Services at 701.780.5300.

Home Care

If cancer has progressed to the point where it is considered terminal, many patients find that getting care within their own home offers needed comfort. This service is also offered to those patients who are cleared to return home but cannot care for themselves just yet. Our interdisciplinary team is specifically trained to help patients live independently in their own homes.

Yorhom Medical Essentials offers the following services:

  • Home health
  • Hospice
  • Grief center
  • Rehabilitation technology
  • Respiratory care
  • Infusion therapy
  • Medical equipment and supplies

For more information about Yorhom Medical Essentials, please call 701.780.2500.

Financial Assistance

At Altru, we believe in the importance of focusing on health, not money. This is why we offer financial assistance in the form of our Filling the Gap program and the Farrah Fawcett Fund for Patient Assistance.

Filling the Gap is a grant program made available by charitable donations, designed to lessen the financial burden of patients with cancer and their families. The program is supported and maintained by generous donors, with 100% of all donations directly benefiting eligible patients.

The Farrah Fawcett Fund for Patient Assistance is provided through the generosity of The Farrah Fawcett Foundation. The Farrah Fawcett Foundation is committed to honoring Farrah’s own fight with cancer by passionately giving to patient assistance funds for those facing mounting expenses during cancer treatments. To learn more about the Farrah Fawcett Foundation, please go to

Eligible patients are those that fit the financial criteria set by the grant, and are accepted upon review of a completed form of financial eligibility.

The Filling the Gap program and the Farrah Fawcett Fund for Patient Assistance:

  • Provide nutritional assistance
  • Provide lodging assistance
  • Provide transportation assistance (in the form of gas gift cards)
  • Allows patients to receive benefits for as long as they remain a patient of Altru Cancer Center and maintain eligibility  

Both of these funds provide support in the areas not commonly covered by insurance, making a great difference for those in need. If you are interested in making a difference, donate online to make a safe and secure donation. You can also mail your donation to:

Altru Health Foundation
P.O. Box 6002
Grand Forks, ND 58206-6002

For more information about Filling the Gap or the Farrah Fawcett Fund for Patient Assistance, please call us at 701.780.1827.

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