Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services is an integral portion of our Level II Trauma Designation. Altru's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) staff takes pride in the delivery of quality service to our customers. EMS also offers an extensive array of education and public service.

It is our mission to provide quality care to patients in a timely, efficient and safe manner using a teamwork approach. We achieve our mission through caring, dedicated, competent professionals working collaboratively with our partners, utilizing state-of-the-art treatment, technology and equipment and by giving superior customer service. The Regional EMS Department was instrumental in developing an innovative system for the provision of advanced life support in the rural setting.

To contact Altru's Emergency Room, please call 701.780.5000.

If you or a loved one is experiencing a life-threatening injury or illness, call 911.

American College of Cardiology for Cardiac Care-Silver Award

In 2014, Altru Health System received the American College of Cardiology for Cardiac Care-Silver Award. Altru is one of only 139 hospitals nationwide to receive this honor. For four consecutive quarters Altru met a performance standard of 90 percent for specific performance measures. Every minute counts to lower a heart attack patient’s risk of death and serious damage to the heart. To achieve this distinction, Altru focused on lowering the time it took to open the blocked cardiac artery. Through improvements on the STEMI process, which involves EMS, Altru’s Emergency Room and the Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Altru has reduced the average time from 60.5 minutes to 47 minutes.

Regional Emergency Education and Training

Altru Regional EMS will work with you to meet the needs in your community. Class schedules and location may be customized. Practice your skills with quality equipment and experienced instructors. They enhance the learning environment with years of personal experience. Altru's Regional EMS programs have a high pass rate on initial and refresher exams. Altru Health System EMS staff act as an ongoing resource for area EMS agencies creating a valuable network of front line responders.

Contact the Regional EMS Coordinator, AHA Training Center Coordinator at 701.780.1769 for questions or planning.

New Emergency/CPR Instructor FAQs

Q. Now that I have taken my Emergency Care/CPR instructor course, where do I get my instructor card and instructor number?
All instructor cards are issued by the CTC to which you align. If you have taken your instructor course through different CTC you will be issued a certificate of completion or an "Instructor Candidates Application Form." Your CTC will issue your instructor card and may require you first be monitored for at least one class by an Instructor Trainer (BLS) or Regional Faculty member (ACLS and PALS).

Q. Can I align with any CTC I want?
You are welcome to align with any CTC in the state (and sometimes in a border state.) You may also change your alignment at any time if you notify your current CTC of that change. Any rosters already counted by the old CTC will remain with the old CTC. However, the CTC should share information about the number of classes you taught when asked by your new CTC. Many institutions request all their instructors align with the same CTC. This is recommended, but each instructor is free to align with whomever they choose.

Q. Is there a charge to align with a CTC?
Each CTC sets its own policies. Some charge an annual administrative fee, some charge a card processing fee and some a combination. The cost to you will vary depending on your relationship with the CTC (for example, are you an employee). Call around to compare pricing and services to find the best CTC for you.

Q. Can I teach without aligning with a Community Training Center?
No, you must align with a CTC. The CTC will serve as your connection to the AHA and will supply you with information and access to course completion and participation cards. In addition, the CTC will keep all your records such as course rosters, instructor monitoring forms, etc. The CTC will also issue your instructor number.

Q. Can I align with more than one CTC?
No, you nee to align with only one CTC (though you have more than one if you teach more than one discipline). If you lead teach for different organizations that are each aligned with different CTCs, it is your responsibility to make sure your course records reach the proper CTC.

Q. What happens when I teach as an assistant for an instructor aligned with a different CTC?
If you are an assistant in a class, the AHA recommends you keep a copy of the class roster for your records, but only the lead instructor is required to submit the roster to his or her primary CTC. Your CTC may request a copy of this roster if you have not served as lead instructor for at least two classes per year and they need proof you have taught in at least the required number of classes.

Q. Where do I get materials (books, slides, posters, etc.)?
All materials can be ordered from one of four national distributors. Their names and numbers are on the back of every ECC book. Course participation and completion cards can only be obtained by CTCs and should be distributed after the class roster has been turned in if at all possible.

Q. What else might the CTC do for me?
In addition to serving as your primary administrative connection to the AHA, the CTC is responsible for quality assurance and supporting chain of survival activities. Your CTC may ask you to help with a mass CPR training, and you may, by sharing your course schedules, find the CTC can help you market your services.

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