Employer Health Solutions

Altru’s Employer Health Solutions is dedicated to helping companies build and sustain results-oriented wellness programs that can improve the overall health and quality of life of your employees. Benefits of a successful worksite wellness program include: lower company health costs, improved employee morale, productivity and performance, decreased absenteeism, greater employee loyalty, improved ability to attract and retain key personnel, and improved public image.

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Injury Management & Prevention

Designated Medical Provider

A designated medical provider (DMP) is a medical professional or facility selected by the employer to treat work-related injuries. As your DMP, Altru will share your commitment to the safety, health and well-being of your employees. Together, we'll encourage a safe return to work, retention of valuable employees through a transitional work program, reduce the risk of re-injury, reduce work replacement cost and much more.


Ergonomics is the science of matching a worker to the appropriate job and/or worksite and to promote productivity and satisfaction in the workplace through avoidance of injury. Altru’s specialized therapists provide the following assessments:

  • Worksite Assessment: Identifies risks in the work setting through evaluation of the work station, job design and performance of work tasks. Employers and employees receive recommendations on how they can reduce injury in their work environment.
  • Job Analysis: Identifies the physical demands of a job by evaluating tasks such as lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling and body positions. Employers receive recommendations on how they can decrease risk of injury or modify a position for an injured worker. Employees receive instruction on proper body mechanics and alternative ways to perform work tasks.

Specialized Testing

Specialized testing is utilized to assist the worker in development of appropriate goals for the best possible outcomes in return to work.

  • Functional Capacities Evaluation (FCE): FCE is a standardized two-day test of work activities. Abilities regarding lifting, pushing, pulling and 17 other activities are identified in terms of frequency/percentage of a work day. It assists in development of appropriate vocational goals, recommendations regarding job/task modification and if a written job description is provided, our therapists can draw correlation between an injured worker’s physical abilities and the job demands.
  • Work Tolerance Screen (WTS): WTS is a two to three hour evaluation in which specific job tasks are simulated and tested in a controlled setting. It assists in development of appropriate vocational goals and is useful in determining if a client can return to an existing job or perform the work demands of a new job that is being considered.
  • Workability Assessment: A workability assessment is a brief evaluation of an acute injured worker in which specific job tasks are simulated and tested in a controlled setting. This information is provided to the physician and employer to assist with identifying current lifting and postural abilities to return the injured worker to full duties as quickly as possible.

Customized Return to Work Programs

Effective work injury rehabilitation must be tailored to meet an employee's specific needs and goals for returning to the job. Altru’s Injury Management Team consists of physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, speech therapists and nurse case managers who assist the attending physician in coordinating care for the injured worker. Our team is also able to offer prosthetic and orthotic services by working closely with certified professionals to design and fabricate customized artificial limbs, braces and adaptive devices on an individual basis. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcomes in return to work. Altru’s Employer Health Solutions also has access to the breadth and depth of specialties and services available through Altru Health System. So, no matter the level of care your employees may need, we are able to refer to the appropriate specialist or program.

Employment Testing

Altru’s professionals can assist you in providing safe and healthy working conditions for your employees.

Medical Exams

Altru works with you to provide the physicals needed in order for you to comply with your company policies or DOT regulations. The following physicals are provided:

    This exam is completed to access the fitness and medical suitability of an applicant for a particular job. The exam is completed upon offer of a job, but prior to employee starting the job.

    Customized yearly exam to assure employees meet the annual requirements of their specific job.

    A Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination must be conducted by licensed “medical examiner” listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry. This examiner will determine if an employee is physically qualified to dire a commercial motor vehicle (CMV).

    Per OSHA regulations, an employer must institute a medical surveillance program for all employees who are or will be exposed to airborne concentrations of asbestos at or above the PEDL and/or EL. Components of the physical include:

    • Medical History/Questionnaire
    • Medical Exam
    • Chest X-ray with B-Read
    • Spirometry
    • Any additional tests deemed appropriate by the examining medical provider

    FAA (Federal Aviation Association) flight physical exams are a requirement for pilots in order to meet the minimum safety standards to fly an airplane.

    Per OSHA regulations, an employer must monitor all employees who are exposed to silica. Silica exposure can occur during abrasive blasting, stonecutting, rock drilling, quarry work, foundry work and tunneling. Components of the physical include:

    • Medical History/Questionnaire
    • Medical Exam
    • Chest X-ray with B-Read
    • Spirometry
    • TB Testing

    Altru is capable of customizing physicals to meet your needs through utilization of the following support services:

    • Lab
    • X-ray
    • Audiograms
    • Drug screens
    • Pulmonary function tests (PFTs) spirometry
    • Therapy evaluations: physical, occupational, and speech therapy
    • Vision screening
    • EKG
    • Respiratory Fit Tests

    Hearing Conservation

    Let us help you ensure compliance with the Hearing Conservation Program as outlined in the OSHA Standard, Occupational Noise Exposure – 29 CFT 1910.95. Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationists are on staff to provide:

    • Noise monitoring
    • Audiometric testing 
    • Program training

    Drug & Alcohol Screening

    Altru partners with you to provide customized drug and alcohol screenings that allow you to promote and provide a safer workplace for your employees and customers by deterring the use of illegal drugs and the abuse of alcohol in the workplace. Screenings can be provided for the following:

    • Pre-employment
    • Reasonable suspicion
    • Post-accident
    • DOT requirements

    Depending on your specific business needs, Altru is capable of providing customized services which include:

    • On-site specimen collection and breath alcohol testing
    • Rapid drug screens
    • MRO Services
    • Maintenance of random pool
    • Access to a certified drug testing lab
    • Education/training sessions through Employer

    Health Solutions

    • DOT Consortium

    Respiratory Protection

    Let us help you ensure compliance as outlined in OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.134. Certified technicians are on staff to provide

    • Respirator Fit testing
    • Pulmonary Function tests as indicated
    • Asbestos surveillance
    • Respiratory Questionnaire Interpretation

    Post-Offer Exams

    Post-offer screens determine the need and feasibility of reasonable accommodation. It is a physical/function test which is completed on each individual hired for a specific position. The screen includes all essential job functions as identified by the employer. Following the screen, the therapist identifies if the employee has met or not met the job demands and what modifications or recommendations would assist the employee within the job.

    Wellness & Prevention Services


    Altru will assist your company in providing immunizations to your employees to reduce lost work days due to preventable illness. Immunizations can be provided at your business site for groups of 10 or more. In addition to the two following immunizations, Altru can offer any vaccine for your employees. Contact us to develop a plan for your needs. Available immunizations include:

    • Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B is a serious disease that can lead to liver damage, cirrhosis, liver cancer or even death. If your employees have an occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials, you are required, by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030- Bloodborn Pathogens, to make Hepatitis B vaccine available, at no cost, to the employee.
    • Flu Vaccine: The flu vaccine can protect the health of your employees against the influenza virus and is recommended for anyone who wants to reduce his or her chance of getting the flu. The best time to receive the flu vaccine is between October and December and must be repeated each year.

    Health Screenings

    Knowing your numbers is valuable when it comes to your health. If you establish a baseline, you’ll know when a number is outside normal range and needs more attention. Various measurements and assessments can be completed during health and wellness fairs to assist your employees in taking the first step to manage overall health and wellness.

    • Body Composition Analysis: Altru offers state-of-the-art body composition analysis with InBody®. This screening identifies the amount of fat in the body, along with the appropriate recommended ranges. Body fat can serve as a protective cushion and a certain amount of fat is considered vital. Too little fat inhibits the body’s natural immune response and normal hormone function, and too much fat can lead to a high risk of disease. Meet with a health and wellness specialist to receive your InBody screening, a detailed report and explanation of your results.
    • Bone Density Reading: Altru offers bone density screenings using the PIXI scan. It uses low level ultrasound to compare your bone density to the optimal peak bone density of a young adult of the same gender. You will receive a handout that categorizes your score, risk factors and recommendations for appropriate follow-up.
    • Health Risk Assessment: Altru offers a comprehensive computerized health assessment that will provide education and suggestions to strengthen healthy behaviors while helping you work to change your unhealthy habits. The 15-minute risk assessment also includes a 15-minute session with a Health and Wellness Specialist to develop your personal action plan to guide you to a healthy lifestyle.
    • Indirect Calorimetry: This simple, 10-minute breath test can measure your resting metabolic rate. The amount of oxygen you consume is directly related to the amount of calories you burn. It is helpful for people who need to modify their diet or exercise to achieve their weight management goals. Following the test, you will receive a printout and explanation of your results.
    • My BioCheck®: Get information about key numbers in your life, including your cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, height and weight. Compiled with the help of an iPad application, your “report card” will provide you with a “grade” in the areas of weight management, cholesterol levels, diabetes risk and blood pressure. Discuss your results with a Health and Wellness Specialist to learn ways to get your numbers in check.
    • Posture Assessment: Altru offers thorough posture assessments to identify where joint imbalances exist. This is an important factor to be able to incorporate the best strength and flexibility program for you and to prevent injury. Assessments are performed by a physical therapist and include corrective exercises.

    Educational Seminars

    Tailored to your company’s needs, educational seminars are available during Health and Wellness Fairs to give your employees background on a variety of topics. From injury prevention to OSHA regulations, Altru will provide information to keep your staff up to date. Custom sessions can also be developed for your unique needs.

    • Back Class: Our expert staff will devise a back education program to fit your individual needs, and will incorporate instructions regarding back care at work and home. Emphasis is placed on the employee’s responsibility for prevention and management of back injuries.
    • Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD School): This session increases worker/supervisor awareness of CTD risk factors and the steps they can take to prevent injury from occurring through proper body mechanics and development of safe work habits. Personal responsibility for the management and avoidance of CTDs is also encouraged.
    • Injury Prevention Class: Our expert staff of therapists will develop a program specific to your industry’s needs that addresses basic ergonomic principals and work injury prevention. Emphasis is placed on employee/employer teamwork in reducing risk factors as well as general employee health issues in injury prevention.
    • Regulatory Compliance Issues (OSHA, CDC): Our team can provide OSHA Ergonomic Consultative Services to assist employers in complying with proposed OSHA ergonomic standards.
    • Substance Abuse: During this session, participants will identify the risks and behaviors associated with drug and/or alcohol abuse. We will discuss the importance of a drug free workplace and provide a better understanding of the drug and alcohol testing process.

    Nutrition and Wellness

    Nutrition, relaxation and physical fitness go hand in hand. The better your employees take care of their bodies, the better their overall health and wellness. And, healthy employees are productive employees.

    Altru’s Health and Wellness experts provide knowledge in the development, implementation and evaluation of all levels of health and wellness programs for individuals and/or groups. They facilitate lifestyle change through a combination of assessments, interventions, behavior change strategies and health enhancement and maintenance to create an environment that supports healthy lifestyles.

    • Exercise Prescription: Find out how you should be exercising. This session includes a brief review of personal health history to make sure any exercises recommended are appropriate for the individual.
    • Massage: Treat your employees to a moment of relaxation. In addition to stress relief, massage helps combat lower back pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, anxiety and more. Chair massages can be a quick way to boost your employees’ spirits.
    • Nutrition Consultation: A registered dietitian will review your current diet and nutritional choices. Suggestions will be made to increase the number of healthy food choices.
    • One-on-One Health Coaching Session: A Health and Wellness Specialist will help you apply behavioral and motivational strategies to support a healthy lifestyle. The goal is a seamless transition to improved health and lifestyle.


    We are here to support our clinical students and provide easy, affordable access for Tuberculosis and Drug Screening.

    • IGRA Tuberculosis (TB) Blood Testing (Tspot)
      • Regular Price: $95
      • After 10% student discount-$85.50
    • Drug Testing
      • 10% discount off regular prices.    
        **Prices vary depending on the type of drug/alcohol testing needed.
    • Respirator Fit Testing
      • 10% discount off regular prices.    

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