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Sanny & Jerry Ryan Center for Prevention & Genetics

The Sanny & Jerry Ryan Center for Prevention & Genetics encourages individuals to think about their health through preventive measures before it becomes medically necessary to seek care. With access to key professionals and state-of-the-art technology, the Sanny & Jerry Ryan Center for Prevention & Genetics uses genetic information to help people understand their risks, prevent, help manage, and, in some cases, reduce the expression of inherited disease. This focus along with complimentary preventive and wellness-based offerings provides a unique opportunity for individuals to take an active approach to a healthier life. This Center is the first of its kind in the region.

Services are located inside Choice Health and Fitness (4401 S. 11th Street) and are available to the public.

Call 701.732.7620 for more information.

Healthy and Fit Kids and Families

Healthy and Fit Kids offers physical and nutrition education for kids and their families. This program can be tailored to fit the needs of each child, with registered dietitians and health & wellness specialists dedicated to helping kids learn how to be healthy and happy.

For more information or to sign up, please call 701.732.7620.

Wellness and Prevention

The Sanny & Jerry Ryan Center for Prevention & Genetics encourages people to take an active approach to a healthier life. Through proper nutrition, fitness and preventive care, our team of experts can help get you on the road to better health.

Prevention and wellness offerings include:

  • Exercise & Nutrition Packages
  • Personal Nutrition Coaching
  • Metabolism Testing
  • Body Composition Testing
  • Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Medically Supervised Exercise

Learn more about our wellness offerings.

For more information on programs and services, please call 701.732.7620.

Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic care at Altru focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the musculoskeletal and the nervous systems, as well as caring for the general health of an individual. Altru's chiropractor will work collaboratively with physical and occupational therapists, dietitians, and a health & wellness specialist to assist patients in meeting their comprehensive needs. From joint pain to headaches, Altru’s chiropractor cares for individuals of all ages.

Visit Altru's Chiropractic Services to learn more.

Self-schedule an appointment

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 701.732.7620.

Therapy Services

Physical therapists use heat, cold, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, manual therapy and therapeutic exercise or activities to treat a variety of medical conditions and injuries.

Visit Altru’s Physical Therapy to learn more.

About Sanny and Jerry Ryan

Sanny and Jerry Ryan committed their lives to supporting community activities and seeking opportunities to fill needs where they exist. Loyal supporters of Altru Health System, their generosity has made a significant difference to hundreds of thousands of patients throughout the region.

Their vision for a healthier community is being fulfilled through the Sanny & Jerry Ryan Center for Prevention & Genetics. Sanny and Jerry’s vision of wellness leaves a legacy which benefits the community and its future generations.

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