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Geriatrics is the branch of medicine concerned with aging. This includes physiological, pathological, psychological, economic and sociological health. An estimated 25,000 Americans are 100 years or older, and by the year 2080, this number will exceed 1,000,000.

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Prescription Costs and Assistance

Ask your doctor about the cost of the prescription.

If the cost might prevent you from taking the prescription as written, ask your doctor about:

  • Free samples or generic versions of your drug
  • Lower cost alternatives
  • Buying larger dosages of pills and cutting them to your dose (pill cutters are available at pharmacies).
  • Patient Assistance Programs offered by many drug companies (see website information below).

Your doctor also may refer you to your local senior center or county social service office for help with completing applications for assistance.

Pharmaceutical/Drug Companies | Patient Assistance Program

Many pharmaceutical companies have special patient assistance programs to assist people who can't afford to buy the drugs they need. Each company has its own special requirements, forms and procedures.

All companies require your doctor's involvement.

Some patient assistance websites:

Community Resources

Medical Assistance (Medicaid): For ages 65+, disabled, families and children under age 21. Generally, you must have limited income and limited assets or savings. Call:

For Short-term or Emergency Assistance: In filling a prescription or getting medication, ask your doctor about free samples. You also may contact:

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