Immunizations, also called vaccinations, vaccines or shots are the best defense we have against infectious diseases which are dangerous and even life-threatening. Prior to approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), vaccines are extensively tested by scientists to ensure that they are effective and safe. Unfortunately, no vaccine is 100% safe or effective. Differences in the way individual immune systems react to a vaccine account for rare occasions when people are not protected following immunization or when they experience side effects.

Immunizations are an effective way to keep infants, children and adults protected from serious and dangerous illnesses. The CDC recommends an immunization schedule for the most effective immune response. 

Any vaccine can cause side effects. Common side effects of immunizations are minimal but often include swelling at the injection site, soreness and fever and go away within a few days. 

Where to get immunizations?

Altru provides immunizations for most common diseases and offers travel vaccines. Call 701.780.6400 for more information.

The Grand Forks Health Department has regular immunization clinics scheduled. Call 701.787.8100 for more information.   

Immunization Records

Although work has been done by state and local health departments to create computerized records for immunizations, it is very important to keep personal immunization records forever and in a safe place. Workplaces, universities and others routinely ask for immunization histories. Immunization records can be requested or obtained through MyChart.