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Nephrology involves the diagnosis, treatment and management of kidney diseases. Your kidneys are essential for filtering waste and toxins out of your blood, so problems with your kidneys can affect other organs throughout the body. In addition to filtering waste, your kidneys help maintain your fluid and electrolyte balance and produce hormones that support the health of your blood and bones.

Chronic kidney disease is often caused by other conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Kidney disease can also be caused by infection, which can start in the kidney or spread from the urinary tract to the kidney itself. Kidney injury can also happen suddenly from traumatic injuries, infection, liver failure or other causes.

Altru’s nephrology unit specializes in all types of kidney injury and disease, including kidney stones, hypertension and renal dialysis.

Renal Dialysis

When the kidneys are unable to function, renal dialysis may be necessary. Dialysis is a medical procedure that performs the function of the kidneys by filtering blood to remove toxins and fluid. Dialysis can maintain fluid balance and function while the kidney is recovering from injury. In cases of chronic kidney disease, it may be necessary to receive frequent dialysis as an ongoing treatment. Altru has four dialysis units throughout the region, with a total of 32 chairs available to receive treatment:

Altru Hospital (main floor)
13 chairs
Monday through Saturday
5:10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Altru Clinic | Crookston (lower level)
8 chairs
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Hours vary

Altru Clinic | Roseau (lower level)
6 chairs
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Hours vary

Devils Lake | 1031 7th St. NE (second floor)
5 chairs
Monday through Saturday
5:20 a.m. – 6 p.m.

For patients needing long-term dialysis, home peritoneal dialysis may be an option. This treatment enables a patient to receive dialysis at home, without needing to visit one of our dialysis units. We offer several training sessions a year to enable you and your family to safely perform dialysis treatment at home. Talk with your provider if you would like a referral for home dialysis treatment.

For more information, please call 701.780.5870.

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